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of or relating to Jews or their culture or religion


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But while Barr is the only Jewish performer during the sketch (prior to a cameo by Barbra Streisand), her performance of Jewishness is far milder than that of her non-Jewish collaborators.
And although Reed never identifies Schwartz's Jewishness as at least partially responsible for that haunting, we would be naive to believe that it did not matter.
In focusing on the topic of passing in order to unpack the visual coding and decoding of Jewishness in the Weimar republic, Wallach advances vibrant current discussions about indirect and covert manifestations of Jewish difference in interwar Central Europe.
Gurwitz focuses on how Argentine Jews constructed their notions of Jewishness, nation, ethnicity, belonging, and a hybrid Argentine Jewish identity between 1955 and 1983, especially through the revolutionary ferment of the 1960s and 1970s.
5) Denominational journals and the writings of individual thinkers, among them the philosophers Abraham Joshua Heschel and Martin Buber, form another source base for this study of the postwar American debate about the nature of Judaism and Jewishness.
A similar point can be made about pointing out the Jewishness of celebrities in the United States: because so many Hollywood stars of the twentieth century changed their recognizably Jewish names to uninflected American ones, and because to succeed they mastered the cadences and appearances of Hollywood speech, dress, and behavior, pointing out their Jewishness has often been understood as a way of simultaneously recognizing the possibility and power of assimilation and asserting one's own identity distinct from that of the American majority.
Between procedures and bureaucracy, members of the Shorashim organization are now trying, in a last-minute effort, to not only prove these Jews' eligibility to make aliyah under the Law of Return, but also the halachic Jewishness of as many of them as possible.
What does it mean to be Jewish and what is it that sustains my Jewishness and my deeply rooted loyalty to, and membership in, the Jewish community?
As a member of the Board of Deputies, I intend to campaign for us as a community to accept a definition of Jewishness, which includes a connection with Israel and the adoption of a definition of antisemitism.
The newspaper added that Netanyahu government demands recognition of Jewishness of Israel in consideration for the Palestinian demand to freeze settlements unlike what the Israeli Minister of the Judiciary who is in charge of the negotiations dossier, Tsevi Levny stated yesterday that she does not put forth any preconditions in order to return to negotiations with the Palestinian side.
My claim here is that Woolf Studies, if it is to fully articulate the impact of Jews and Jewishness on Woolf's writing and modernism as a whole, must allow for this alternative method.
3) Less attention, however, has been paid to those who turned not from but back to Judaism or reconnected with Jewishness in what seems like, so to speak, good faith.
He further laments the way scholars have placed Dreyfus's Jewishness, and the Jewishness of the affair, on the margins (e.
POLITICS: LABOUR leaderv Ed Miliband has described the importance of his Jewishness to his own identity, saying it is "intertwined" with his Britishness.
Dr Abrams' most recent publication is The New Jew in Film: Exploring Jewishness and Judaism in Contemporary Cinema.