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of or relating to Jews or their culture or religion


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There was a growing hunger for more Jewishness brought on by an increased social tolerance, guilt over the death of millions of Jews in Europe, a sense of a new America ushered in by the Kennedys, a more prosperous country, a frustration with the conformity of the 1950s, and other factors.
Nineteenth century Zionist Nordau called for a "new Jewish body" produced through "sport" and "exercise" in order to combat the "inherent neurological weak\ nesses of the Jew" (Gilman 53-4)- This discourse allowed the Jewish subject to shed physical stereotypes of Jewishness (such as a sick and feeble body) and identify instead with the dominant category of "white" masculinity (a muscular body).
Ira Nadel's thesis, however, could still be dismissed as merely an aberration in a work of generally sound scholarship were it not for the fact that his banging the drum of Stoppard's essential Jewishness blinds him to the profundity and wonderfully life-enhancing quality of the playwright's work.
But Jewishness is far from the only lens through which to view Katchor's creations.
Weinstein's fiction expresses the hope of a not-entirely-broken people who strongly desired that their Jewishness be preserved.
Finally, Boyarin presents a radical reinterpretation of Freud's well-known turn-around from being ashamed of his Jewishness to asserting it.
But surely Jewishness and the Jewish people are not defined by the hostility others feels toward them; Jewishness does not "mean" a latent eligibility for extermination.
This discovery of origins, this reconquest of Jewishness was begun relatively late in Howe's career.
Sometimes the Jewishness of Kaufman's celebrities of the 1960s was obvious and nurtured, as in the cases of Lenny Bruce and Barbara Streisand, who intentionally continued earlier "stage Jew" type performances by utilizing copious amounts of shtick (Lenny Bruce's later work is practically indecipherable without some knowledge of Yiddish).
Mandelshtam's reflections on his Jewishness appeared in his writing during the late 1920s in reaction to the threat of Stalinist purges that targeted, among various other groups, minorities, poets and non-conventional thinkers.
Some see Judaism or even Jewishness as incidental or irrelevant to their identity or as a mere social construction, and could care less about the Jewish heritage.
Alas, his past is mined by a reporter, who asks him to reconcile his hate-riddled beliefs with his own Jewishness.
He saves his violent caricature of the convenient percepti on of Jewishness until after the interval, when he suddenly screeches out at us in a hennaed wig and a commedia del'arte hooked nose.
Gilman, and others, constitutes an important addition to the relatively recent scholarship on Jewishness and visual culture.
There, in the convention press releases and in the associations own Religious Broadcasting magazine, the evangelicals gave special recognition to Medved's Jewishness.