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Jews who strictly observe the Mosaic law as interpreted in the Talmud

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Guggenheim thus removes nearly all the complexities that kept generations of Germans reading and performing Emilia Galotti, reducing Lessing's well-known drama to a plot line in keeping with both a self-conscious commitment to Jewish orthodoxy and a wholehearted endorsement of the patriarchal structure of bourgeois domesticity.
The play is set in the early years of the 20th Century, a time when Jewish orthodoxy, especially in matters of religion, language and custom, was under threat.
THE BEGINNING OF THE 1990s CONSTITUTED A MILESTONE in the consolidation of Jewish Orthodoxy in the city of Sao Paulo and in the Brazilian Jewish community as a whole.
Trypho is a "Jew" who is expected by Justin to recognize all of the sects as "heresies," and therefore one who knows already of a Jewish orthodoxy.
I submit that we need likewise to be concerned about the renaissance of Jewish Orthodoxy.
Herscher, the Skirball's president and CEO, says that Freud threw down a gauntlet to Jewish orthodoxy.
Israel has, thus far, been able to walk a fine line between democracy on the one hand and acknowledgment of and responsiveness to Jewish orthodoxy on the other.
In his forties, long lapsed from Jewish orthodoxy, Wieseltier returned to the synagogue (to the shul, in the homelier Yiddish word he prefers) to say the mourner's kaddish for his father, three times a day for eleven months; puzzled by this taxing cultural imperative, which is neither biblical nor talmudic, he undertook an open-ended search through Jewish literature to find the sources of the practice.
His father had abandoned Jewish Orthodoxy, and the son says, "I had not a seedling of faith to nourish me.
Even more disheartening is their realization that their place as women in the Jewish orthodoxy cannot be accepted, although they are among the faithful.
We might also note that there is a strand within Jewish orthodoxy which has always seen persecution as having a divine purpose for good.
Roiphe, a well-known American novelist, wrote "Secrets of the City" and the widely discussed, fictional exploration of American Jewish Orthodoxy, "Lovingkindness.
Gurock's many contributions to the study of American Jewish Orthodoxy made him a path-breaking scholar of this burgeoning field.
The author argues that the literature of Jewish Orthodoxy tends to define women's roles in terms of passive resistance; negotiating change by avoiding confrontation.
As the essay "Diasporic Poetics" makes clear, however, Heller knows quite well that his fascination with the poet's necessary departure from "orthodoxy" and "tradition" maps quite neatly onto his own relationship with Jewish orthodoxy, Jewish tradition, and Jewish identity.
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