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a person belonging to the worldwide group claiming descent from Jacob (or converted to it) and connected by cultural or religious ties

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Expert Jew Moisei Kreps prepared several articles for the Russian Jewish encyclopedia, published in St.
I've met quite a few atheists with Jewish mothers who have tried to convince me that I'm not Jewish because they (the atheists, not their mothers) reject the traditional definition and assert that a real Jew must believe in God.
Eli kills the last Jew, so God punishes him with lightning and thunder.
As tribute, here are several of our favorite lost/last Jews pieces, from our pages and others' from the last few years.
If you love the Jew on the cross love the other Jews too
It's an arbitrary man-made work-a-round,'' said Susan Flores, a Reform Jew who, like most, does not keep Sabbath.
For Boyarin, the mainstream forms of Zionism, with their "negation of the diaspora," their rejection of the "feminized" Jew of the Diaspora in favor of the new masculine pioneer of the yishuv, represent "a cultural capitulation that does not honor Jewish difference.
They were afraid not only of being discovered but also of what might happen if another Jew who knew about them was captured, and of what might happen to the Righteous Ones looking after them if they were found.
Is the author, then, playing the insistent Jew (but he has already declared himself not a Jew) or the antisemite in addressing the history or conditions of what he himself refers to as "Soviet Jews"?
I think a non Jew would have felt very much the odd man out in such a closely knit Jewish community, so no one ventured in, except the milkman, the postman, the dustman, the window cleaner and the rag and bone man.
As a traditional Jew with conservative politics, Rabbi Vinas is not the most likely candidate for strong racial critiques.
The Jew was taken to a Moslem household, the Christian to a Jewish home and the Moslem for baptism in a Christian family.
Christopher Marlowe's Jew of Malta or Shakespeare's Shylock in The Merchant of Venice are not portrayed in a realistic fashion but represent "types" of Jews as tradition would have it.
A Jews for Jesus couple in Florida sat in a living room crammed with Stars of David, loaves of challah, and various Jewish tchotchkes, reading Christian Bible verses.