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a large jet plane that carries passengers

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The Transport Ministry on Wednesday launched an investigation to confirm whether two passenger jetliners nearly collided over Osaka airport last week, ministry officials said.
France-based jet engine nacelle maker Aircelle said that production of Aircelle (Safran) engine nacelles for Airbus A320neo jetliners has become a reality with the manufacture of initial full-scale thrust reverser components using concurrent engineering, rapid prototyping and lean manufacturing techniques.
The company has purchased its used planes for about $4 million each, far less than the cost of new jetliners. Allegiant, which flies nonstop from 40 small cities to Las Vegas and Orlando, Fla., hopes to raise $100 million in an initial public offering.
Bombardier Aerospace, an aircraft manufacturer, on Wednesday announced that Braathens Leasing Limited, a member of Braathens Aviation of Sweden, has placed a firm order for five Bombardier CS100 and five CS300 mainline jetliners.
Some police and intelligence officials believe shoulder-fired missiles pose a significant threat to commercial jetliners. Police at airports in the Washington-Baltimore area conduct random perimeter patrols to deter possible attacks.
New security rules for carry-on bags have eased congestion inside jetliners, allowing travelers to board planes faster.
Leasing companies are becoming more prominent in the aviation industry as large carriers sell older jetliners and smaller carriers expand into new markets.
Airbus on Wednesday said it is interested in selling jetliners to Iran but respects an international embargo.
Many North American airlines have postponed placing orders for jetliners as they focus on restoring profits.
A New York Times story about Airbus pitching a standing section on commercial jetliners was wrong, the New York Times public editor Byron Calame writes.
Boeing will start building 737 jetliners for the Navy in 2007 as part of the Multimission Maritime Aircraft program.
With 25 percent less fuel consumption than previous generation aircraft, these A330neo jetliners can travel farther with lower operating costs.