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United States jazz musician who moved from ragtime to New Orleans jazz (1885-1941)

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These seasoned New York purveyors of authentic American 'roots' music play a delightful spicy musical gumbo of New Orleans fare influenced by the likes of Buddy Bolden, Jelly Roll Morton, Louis Armstrong, Rebirth and Dirty Dozen brass bands, straight through to the heights of their own modern sounds that incorporate elements of R&B, Gospel, Funk, Latin and Be-bop.
Even in jazz circles, Sam Morgan is not a household name, like Louis Armstrong or Sidney Bechet or Jelly Roll Morton. But for those who love jazz, the two Morgan sessions are highly regarded as rare and crucial representations of how African American jazz continued in New Orleans after these more famous players left.
The album showcases the songs of early jazz and blues pioneers such as W.C Handy and Jelly Roll Morton as well as the more recent artists, including Dr.
Part 2 of The Wishing Tomb moves through the next one hundred years of New Orleans's history, giving voice to performers and musicians like Jelly Roll Morton, Louis Armstrong's mother, Fred Staten, and the burlesque dancer Evangeline Sylvas.
Bright and early on one Sunday morning, I attended a 35-minute dance-theatre piece based on fabled jazzman Jelly Roll Morton's seven-part "Murder Ballad." The piece was created by the talented Los Angeles-based Poor Dog Group, one of those aforementioned entrepreneurial companies.
Q Can you tell me the real name of jazz pianist Jelly Roll Morton? Christine Fletcher, Paisley A One of the most flamboyant characters in the history of jazz, he was born Ferdinand Joseph Lemott Morton in New Orleans on October 20, 1890 and died in Los Angeles on July 10, 1941.
Meanwhile, Jelly Roll Morton and Monk have been cut to one entry apiece, and singers seem sadly under-represented: Billie Holiday makes one appearance, and there's nothing from Peggy Lee, Dinah Washington, Jimmy Rushing, Mark Murphy or Mel Torme.
Gottschalk, but the majority of the sampled works are original Marsalis compositions, played by Marsalis with a 10-piece ensemble, interspersed with tunes from Charles Mingus, Jelly Roll Morton and Duke Ellington (the latter interfacing with the film's imagery especially effectively).
This is the place that gave the world jazz, after all, as well as artistes such as Jelly Roll Morton, Fats Domino, Dr John and Harry Connick Jr.
He insisted that jazz had peaked in the New Orleans style, particularly in the work of Jelly Roll Morton; I argued for Charlie Parker.
Gennett Records made some of the first recordings of such figures as the New Orleans Rhythm Kings, Jelly Roll Morton, Louis Armstrong and Bix Beiderbecke.
Rosie yells: "Oh just get lost and get back home to Jelly Roll Morton! Or better still get him round here so he can dance some of his ugly fat off."
The physicality of her unique style brilliantly paired with her eclectic musical choices, ranging from Jelly Roll Morton and Brahms to Philip Glass and Frank Sinatra, has allowed her to move seamlessly among the disparate worlds of iconoclastic modern dance, classical ballet, and pop culture.