Jekyll and Hyde

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someone with two personalities - one good and one evil

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Jekyll and Hyde are portrayed by Gabriel Utterson, Jekyll's lawyer, and Richard Enfield, his cousin; Utterson and Dr.
LEFT, Tanghalang Pilipino's "Stageshow," directed by Chris Millado, original libretto by Mario O'Hara; above, Repertory Philippines' "Jekyll and Hyde," directed by Menchu Lauchengco-Yulo.
The dual role of Jekyll and Hyde made Mansfield famous because of the signature moment of transformation from Jekyll into Hyde represented in this photograph.
? Jekyll and Hyde, King's School, Chester, Mar 2, 7.30pm; Mar 3, 2.30pm, 01244 689492,
Polarised Jekyll and Hyde also appear in more recent adaptations: in a videogame released by NES (Nintendo) in 1989, the opposition is between a diurnal, upright Jekyll and a nocturnal, stooping Hyde, who erupts as a symptom of Jekyll's repressed rage and prevents the good doctor from reaching the chapel where he aims to marry a Miss Millicent: the synthesised organ soundtrack supports these intertextual references to Robertson's silent movie.
Jekyll and Hyde is the story of doctor Jekyll who drinks a potion, which creates a younger and crueler version of him, named Hyde.
"Funke would refer to him as a Jekyll and Hyde because of his sudden outbursts.
While studying interactions between black bean aphids and their associated bacteria, York researchers discovered an intriguing new category of organism that they dubbed "Jekyll and Hyde" bacteria.
At least once a week, usually more often, a patient in my clinic describes himself to me as a Jekyll and Hyde. The assumption always is, of course, that the Jekyll is the real him or her, while the Hyde is an intruder, alien, or interloper.
Paul that can be detected in its delineation, that make Jekyll and Hyde an instructive narrative in the consideration of Christian subjectivity.
/ Are you--Nobody--too?" The writer--that strange encounter of Jekyll and Hyde as Alice steps through the looking glass--is present in the text only through her absence and anonymity, while the reader, that other "Nobody," is also implicated in a kind of anonymity, a person, but not necessarily an identified individual.
A "Jekyll and Hyde" film producer from Birmingham whose harassment of a neighbour drove her to the point of suicide has been ordered to do 80 hours community service.
The phrase "Jekyll and Hyde" has become shorthand for the exhibition of wildly contradictory behavior, especially between private and public selves.
Literature is distinguished by its capacity to reproduce the very process of knowledge production from the unthinkable or unsayable." In Jekyll and Hyde "reality is grasped through knowledge; truth is ever evolving; language is transparent ...
They disciplined ITV for broadcasting violent and disturbing scenes in Jekyll and Hyde in a time slot unsuitable for children.