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Protestant denomination founded in the United States by Charles Taze Russell in 1884

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Im deeply concerned by this unwarranted criminalization of the peaceful activities of members of the Jehovahs Witnesses communities in Russia, eliminating this community as a viable entity in the country, said Director Link.
13th at 3:00PM at the Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, 130 North St.
On 20 April 2017 Russias Supreme Court upheld a ruling that recognises Jehovahs Witnesses as extremists.
She was a very active longtime member of the West Worcester Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses.
Jehovahs Witnesses, like all other religious groups, must be able to peacefully enjoy freedom of assembly without interference, as guaranteed by the Constitution of the Russian Federation as well as by Russia's international commitments and international human rights standards.