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a name for the God of the Old Testament as transliterated from the Hebrew consonants YHVH

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The Jehovah Witnesses took their fight against Quebec police and political harassment to court.
Unfortunately in the Jehovah faith once someone leaves the religion they cannot be associated with anymore by those still in the faith.
70) "The Watchtower Society issues to its authorized agents, ordained ministers of Jehovah God, a certificate of identification and ordination (Exhibit 9, R 33)," Covington wrote in the Supreme Court brief for Largent v.
Houston dancers Dominic Walsh and Lucas Priolo alternated as Jehovah, establishing this role's centrality and suggesting its possibilities.
Might Jehovah, Allah, and God be three names for the same divinity?
Jehovah, known as Giovani, was found 30 minutes later under floating leaves in the Grand Union Canal, which is 100 metres from the family home.
Jehovah Pembele was recovered from the Grand Union canal and taken to hospital after police were called to look for the missing youngster in the West Cotton Close area of Northampton just before 6pm on Saturday.
New protests against the Bulgarian Jehovah Witnesses movement are to take place in May, the VMRO a BND nationalist party announced Tuesday.
Convinced that any concessions to the convenience of the public were an affront to Jehovah, the Witnesses accepted none of the constraints usually imposed by time, place, or propriety.
The original form and pronunciation of the tetragram has been lost over the centuries; there is evidence that it may have been Yahweh or Yave, but certainly not Jehovah.
And God said to Adam and Eve: "My name is Jehovah, and if you sin I will send floods and plagues of locusts.
The Bulgarian nationalist VMRO party has declared it will stage a new protest against the Jehovah Witnesses, this time in the capital Sofia.
The Witnesses' fundamental religious beliefs include: (1) the belief that Jehovah is God Almighty, the Creator of heaven and earth, a loving God whose name is to be sanctified; (2) Jehovah God will shortly establish His kingdom rule over the earth in the hands of His son, Jesus Christ, who will rule over the earth and restore it to paradisiacal conditions during the 1,000-year-rule; and (3) the year 1914 marked the beginning of the "last days" of man-rule over the earth and that Jehovah's Kingdom will shortly assert its rulership over the earth's population beginning with the destruction of man-made governments.
Instructed by Jehovah to preach in the great but wicked city of Nineveh, Jonah willfully took ship in another direction.
The conventions will highlight references to the heart not in the romantic sense but in the Biblical sense popularized in the teachings of Jehovah.