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a follower of Thomas Jefferson or his ideas and principles

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When the administration presented its R&D budget to Congress for FY 2000, the president called special attention to a collection of budget items that, in the administration's view, were the creative (Newtonian and Jeffersonian) components of the budget.
For all I know, though, Young wants to expel Rothbard from libertarianism too--perhaps all that scholarship was just so much Jeffersonian veneer.
The expatriation of many of the city's loyalists and pre-1776 elites contributed to a sense of fluidity in the social order that Jeffersonians rode to power.
Apart from these interesting storylines, "Bones" will also provide its regular dose of grisly murders that are swiftly solved by the Jeffersonian team.
Clinton was indeed a Jeffersonian in politics, even if his belief in activist government did not quite square with Jefferson's oft-quoted ideal that the government that governs best governs least.
Of course, the Fox series will show the Jeffersonian solve a string of grisly murders.
Part of the Documents Decoded series, this book uses key historical primary documents to explore the Democratic PartyAEs evolution from the small government Jeffersonian party to the socially progressive activist government of modern day.
The Pulitzer Prize-winning three-volume work is a comprehensive history of American letters and thought and, according to the new introduction offering background information on Parrington's life and work, "the first major work to consider American literature as an expression of American culture." Parrington reads American literature as an expression of the struggle between Jeffersonian populism and its enemies.
Elected to the United States Senate, Van Buren took it upon himself after the election of 1824 to organize the opposition to President John Quincy Adams, who, in Van Buren's view, did not represent pure Jeffersonian principles.
An alternative theory posits that Gorbachev was some sort of Jeffersonian kamikaze pilot, taking his whole nation over the cliff for the thrill of being proclaimed Time's Man of the Decade.
The challenge now is to return to the original Jeffersonian ideal, in which everybody--not just the experts, not just the wealthy--can participate in government.
Does the word "deaths" signify the numerous cases the Jeffersonian will solve?
He includes new historical analysis and scholarship in this edition, including reviews of Jeffersonian impacts on administrative theory and practice, review of Jacksonian developments in national administrative functions and structures, and a close examination of the administrative theorizing that preceded progressive reforms in civil service.
As editor of Jeffersonian Legacies (1993), coeditor (with Jan Ellen Lewis) of Sally Hemings & Thomas Jefferson: History, Memory, and Civic Culture (1999), and as the Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation Professor of History at the University of Virginia, the author has established himself as a worthy successor to Dumas Malone and Merrill D.
For example, not only did Thomas Jefferson bring many of his 175 slaves with him to Washington, D.C., but the man who described slavery as a "cruel war against human nature itself" in the original version of the Declaration of Independence lived in a city where "one could stand in the Capitol Building doorway and watch processions of chained men, women, and children shuffling to the pens to await sale and new southern homes." Despite the fact that much of this is well-known history, O'Reilly has performed a singular service by stringing together the racist Jeffersonian litany--made famous in his book, Notes on the State of Virginia, which claimed that people of color were scientifically "proven" inferior and, in some cases, were more ape than human.