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a teacher and prophet born in Bethlehem and active in Nazareth

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THE TOP 5 guys who responded to TalkSport's "Who is the best striker in the Scottish Premiership?" Twitter poll and how many followers they have "The Scottish have a premiership?" - @tom_parkes_88 (147 followers) "Question is which striker have you heard of" - @MrJohnB28 (59 followers) "Who are they" - @dingdangdoit (39 followers) "Jeezus. That's like saying who would win a beauty contest between mama Fratelli and Anne Widdicombe - @strawbs4ever (19 followers) "Don't even watch Scottish football" - @LFC_YNAW02 (8 followers) Stan & deliver Ex-Liverpool star's tweet on boxing proved a knockout for one Celtic supporter.
Jeezus, we even had "colors"--lime green and chocolate--and my mother was in possession of the do-it-yourself dandelion invitations.
Of course we got lost, and then we got to the airport late and be had to pay $1,200 for overweight on that baggage, jeezus.
Who the hell is gonna want to read a jeezus newspaper in 50 years, anyway?
Lipstick, Jeezus! I agree this issue needs to be sorted out, but running to a shrink too soon can also damage a budding relationship.