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a car suitable for traveling over rough terrain

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The Jeep Patriot and Jeep Compass Rallye will be aimed at the younger end of the market and at customers new to the brand.
Worse, Rapaille writes, even those participants prepared to bare their feelings about the Wrangler didn't make reliable subjects, since so very few of them had ever bothered to think in any penetrating way about what they wanted from cars in general, and from a lightweight, unsafe, fuel-inefficient convertible jeep model in particular.
Mickey Mouse rides in his Jeep through Disney World.
Some 350,000 Jeeps were made to fight in WW2, outclassing the German VW and Japanese Datsun equivalents.
"We're the jeep capital of the world," said Erin Eddy, owner of the Riverside Inn outside of town.
Then it got lively, the participant says, when a Jeep division executive posed questions: "Will customers accept a Jeep that's a 'soft-roader'?
There is no more familiar vehicle than the Jeep. It is seen in every country, and its basic design has been duplicated by many other automakers.
Shortly after landing I was greeted at Vienna airport by the Jeep team who drove me and fellow GCC journalists to Camp Jeep 2018 -- normally I hate long drives, and this was a good 2-3 hours' drive, but the views were spectacular.
The jeep racers tested their skills and versatilities on the track established by organisers for the drivers.
The present jeeps have undergone massive innovation.
Jeeps and many other Army surplus vehicles had one major drawback.
This malfunction could also trigger the affected Jeeps' pretensioners, which tighten seat belts around passengers before crashes, Chrysler said.
I read with interest the story of the jeep ["Jeep!" by Drew Ames, June 2008].
One can only imagine the Germans' surprise at Jeeps landing from the sky and attacking them with guns firing!
Tom was delighted when he got the Ayrshire dealership for Jeep. He says: "For years I'd owned Jeeps for pleasure, then I was able to include them into my business".