Jean de La Fontaine

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French writer who collected Aesop's fables and published them (1621-1695)


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En un interesante trabajo en que contrapone el pensamiento de Rene Descartes a la literatura de Jean de La Fontaine, Marcelo Abadi (1999) analiza el modo en que el fabulista frances resignifica la vida de Esopo incluyendola en la introduccion de sus propias fabulas.
Also known as House of Princes, it evokes part of France's history through illustrious characters like the Condes, the Savoies, Jean de La Fontaine, Cardinal Richelieu, Mazarin and Olympe.
Jean de La Fontaine's (1621-1695) animal fables depict sly foxes and scheming cats, vain birds and greedy wolves, all subtly expressing his insights into French society and the beasts found in all of us.
One is surprised to find that, regrettably, he painted works to illustrate two tasteless and distasteful Contes by Jean de la Fontaine, published during the decade 1664-1674, immediately before the first volume of his Fables.
The Complete Fables of Jean de la Fontaine. Translated by Norman R.
Les auteurs les plus souvent cites dans les catalogues sont le fabuliste Jean de La Fontaine suivi de Berquin, Delille, Cooper, de la marquise de Sevigne et de Marmontel.
Aunque Jean de La Fontaine confiese servirse de los animales para instruir a los hombres, los fabulistas suelen, mas bien, basarse en los animales para descreer de la condicion humana.
The Poet and the King: Jean de la Fontaine and His Century Trans.
The title was taken from a fable of Jean de La Fontaine, in which a bear, who befriended an old man, happened to kill him by throwing a paving stone at him to ward off flies.
Reading Undercover: Audience and Authority in Jean de La Fontaine. By ANNE L.
Phaedrus' treatment of the fables also influenced later writers, notably the 17th-century French poet and fabulist Jean de LA FONTAINE. See alsofable.