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French impressionist painter (1841-1919)

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Sweeney's major influences include American indie filmmaker, John Cassavetes (himself not known to care all that much for money) and the French master, Jean Renoir; however, his most obvious debt--especially in the way he works with his cast--is to Mike Leigh (Secrets and Lies).
The 75th anni edition of Jean Renoir's "Grand Illusion" followed a month later, grossing an impressive $140,311 so far.
I worry about missing the nuances, simplifying the characters and the emotions." Likewise, my piece suggested that film critics no less than filmmakers need to be in some kind of empathetic touch with the everyday life and culture of their own land--if that's "indignant flag-waving," then I think Jean Renoir, Youssef Chahine, and the Ray boys (Nick and Satyajit) are equally "xenophobic." While I only mentioned Messrs.
The answer: Jean Renoir's "The Grand Illusion," way back in 1938.
So I discarded my list of prepared questions and thought primarily about his interests as revealed in these essays, which concern the making of his own films, Indian films in general, the European film avant-garde, British cinema, Japanese cinema, silent films, Charles Chaplin, John Ford, Jean Renoir, Akira Kurosawa, etc.
The festival's 50th edition takes as its theme "Why cinema now?"--a motto inspired by Jean Renoir's words that "everyone (involved in cinema) would have to reinvent everything from the beginning in order to keep cinema alive."
From Jean Renoir's La Grande Illusion to Ron Howard's The Da Vinci Code, the Centre des monuments nationaux has maintained a long and unbroken tradition of opening its 200 or so monuments to film professionals.
Her feature roles included "Abe Lincoln in Illinois" opposite Raymond Massey; "Billy the Kid" with Robert Taylor; "Swamp Water" opposite Walter Huston, directed by Jean Renoir; "Loves of Edgar Allen Poe"; "Riders of the Purple Sage" opposite George Montgomery; and "Wild Man of Borneo" with Dan Dailey.