Jean Lafitte

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French pirate who aided the United States in the War of 1812 and received an official pardon for his crimes (1780-1826)

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Over $22 million in flood protection measures will be dedicated to building levees in the Rosethorne basin area of Jean Lafitte. Nearly $12 million will go toward Goose Bayou's Penn Levee, and over $10 million will be used for levee beach stabilization repair work in Grand Isle, a news release said.
During the summer of 2008, additional releases had been planned in the Jean Lafitte National Park's Barataria Preserve at the request of the National Park Service.
Pirate Jean: Jean Lafitte, early-19th century French-Sephardi privateer, for being a Jew who swashbuckled.
Jackson's "army" consisted of a small number of regular troops bolstered by freed blacks, stranded seamen, Choctaw Indians and a mob of pirates commanded by the notorious Jean Lafitte. Together they fended off the Brits in several small engagements, buying time for Jackson's "ace in the hole" to arrive: 2,300 Kentucky riflemen.
She accompanied those representing parishes from the southeast tip of Louisiana just south of New Orleans: Dulac, Pointeaux-Chenes, Isle de Jean Charles, Grand Bois, Jean LaFitte, Grand Bayou, Lake Catherine, Irish Bayou, Belle Chasse, Bayou Blue, Violet and Grand Isle.
The Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve has six sites scattered throughout southern Louisiana, three of which are located in the metropolitan area.
Those in Jefferson Parish, led by Parish Council Member Chris Roberts, Tim Kerner, mayor of the Town of Jean Lafitte, U.S.
Doubloons of Jean LaFitte blizzard from the floral pirate floats, the
Also worth a stop is Lafitte's Blacksmith Bar (941 Bourbon St), where the gold of famous rogue pirate Jean Lafitte is said to be hidden.
The town of Jean Lafitte, Louisiana, is named after a notorious pirate.
"This wreck dates from an extremely fascinating and important time in the history of the Gulf of Mexico," said MMS Acting Regional Director Lars Herbst, "This ship likely sailed around the time of the Louisiana Purchase, the War of 1812, and the infamous buccaneer Jean Lafitte. Its recovery will tell a story about what life at sea was like at that time that cannot be found in the history books."
A more famous Jewish pirate - and one researched by Kritzler - was Jean Lafitte, aka, the Corsair or the Buccaneer.
In Jefferson Parish, Friends of Jefferson the Beautiful will plant 1,250 trees along streets and roadways, on selected school grounds, on the campus of the Town of Jean Lafitte, and in the Butterfly Park in Grand Isle.
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