Jean Laffite

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French pirate who aided the United States in the War of 1812 and received an official pardon for his crimes (1780-1826)

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Patriotic fire; Andrew Jackson and Jean Laffite at the Battle of New Orleans.
PATRIOTIC FIRE: Andrew Jackson and Jean Laffite at the Battle of New Orleans.
From this wide-scale backdrop, Groom rapidly narrows his focus to the two larger-than-life figures of his rifle: General Andrew Jackson of Tennessee and the genial pirate king of the Gulf of Mexico's Barataria Bay, Jean Laffite. These are Homeric characters.
Harrison, Andrew Jackson, and the pirate Jean Laffite.
Patterson's attack on pirate Jean Laffite's stronghold at Barataria Island, Louisiana (September 11-October 1, 1814); still under Patterson's overall direction, he commanded a squadron of two small sloops and five gunboats on Lake Borgne to protect New Orleans (December); attacked by nearly 1,000 men in forty-seven boats, his tiny force was overwhelmed in two hours' fighting, and Jones was wounded (December 14), but the action delayed the British invasion a vital two days, giving Jackson much needed time to assemble troops; recovered, Jones served in the Mediterranean and at the Washington Navy Yard before receiving promotion to master commandant (March 1820); as commander of the Pacific Squadron (1825) he took his flagship, U.S.S.
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