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French dramatist noted for his reinterpretations of Greek myths (1910-1987)


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At this point it is worth bringing in another very famous version of the Sophoclean tragedy, written by Jean Anouilh, where Antigone seems to be also voicing Lacan's thoughts and wholeheartedly rejects Creon's stance and describes it as mundane and commonplace: "I spit on your happiness!
Eliot's Murder in the Cathedral (1935), a verse drama, was spiritual and religious; Jean Anouilh's spectacular Becket: ou l'honnneur de Dieu (1976), less derived from records, was more political and ethical.
Parece logico por tanto que Ligazon fuese el texto escogido para ser representado por el grupo de camara El Duende el 6 de marzo de 1950 en el teatro Gran Via de Madrid, en una sesion con programa doble compartido con Ardele o la margarita de Jean Anouilh (Vease el articulo de Maria Paz Cornejo Ibares, "Valle-Inclan y la estrategia de la obra en un acto en el teatro espanol de posguerra (1940-1960)").
Suite au succes du Bal des voleurs de Jean Anouilh, les gens qui se sont regroupes pour ce projet entreprirent de produire une piece chaque annee sans dependre du caprice de la faculte ou de la politique universitaire.
Theatrical productions included Sophocles' "Oedipus," Jean Anouilh's "Antigone," Moliere's "The Imaginary Invalid" and the American Broadway musical "My Fair Lady." Turkish folkloric music, Turkish classical music, one Turkish opera and one Turkish musical were integrated into the East-West mix.
Screenplay, Laurent Herbiet, Alex Reval, based on the plays "Eurydice" and "Dear Antoine" by Jean Anouilh. Camera (color, widescreen), Eric Gautier; editor, Herve de Luze; music, Mark Snow; production designer, Jacques Saulnier; costume designer, Jackie Budin; sound (Dolby Digital), Jean-Pierre Duret, Gerard Hardy, Gerard Lamps; visual effects, Def2Shoot; "Eurydice" director, Bruno Podalydes, associate producers, Julie Salvador, Christophe Jeanffroy.
McWhinnie was an enormously experienced radio and TV director, having worked closely with most of the great dramatists of the day, including Samuel Beckett, Jean Anouilh and Harold Pinter.
The play was written by Jean Anouilh and was turned into a 1964 film starring Richard Burton after successful runs on Broadway and in London.
The film - which starts filming next month and is scheduled for release next year - is loosely based on Jean Anouilh's play "Eurydice," itself a modern retelling of the myth of Orpheus & Eurydice.
And instead of having to fight my corner in a big press conference, I had the top twosome from a production of Jean Anouilh's play Becket, all to myself.
Students of Birmingham School of Acting take on a typically impressive challenge tonight when they open their autumn season at Birmingham's Crescent Theatre with Christopher Fry's translation of Jean Anouilh's Ring Round the Moon.