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an ancient Mediterranean seaport that was a thriving city state in Phoenicia during the second millennium BC

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BEIRUT: In the 2009 parliamentary elections, the Free Patriotic Movement won the eight seats in Kesrouan and Jbeil under the old winner-takes-all electoral law.
Time may be running short but that has not stopped Byblos Bank subsidiary, Byblos Invest Bank, from investing in the capital of the newly formed company Byblos Advanced Energy (BAE), which plans to build a 64 megawatt (MW) power plant in Jbeil.
Georges Khairallah, Head of the Industrialists Assembly in Jbeil, Bank of Beirut's Board members, executives, customers and Jbeil residents.
A police source in Anbar told the reporter of the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / today: "gunmen, in two civilian cars, attacked with machine gun and grenades a checkpoint near a medic center in the district of Jbeil, south of Fallujah, killing a police captain in, a policeman and a civilian," without giving other details.
You stood against them and secured the territorial integrity of Lebanon," Ahmadinejad stated on Thursday, adding that the people of Bint Jbeil are "the protectors of humanity, dignity and independence.
Bint Jbeil is just 4 km from the border and Israel's Channel 2 Television said echoes of the rousing welcome accorded to Ahmadinejad were audible on the Israeli side minutes before he arrived.
Bint Jbeil, a bastion of Hezbollah, was demolished by Israel during the 2006 conflict.
A total of 14 soldiers have been killed since July 12th in the battles at Bint Jbeil, located in the central/east sector of southern Lebanon a few miles from the border with Israel.
He also claimed Israel suffered a "serious defeat" in ground fighting around Bint Jbeil.
BEIRUT: One man was wounded in an armed ambush overnight Wednesday in the southern area of Bint Jbeil, the state-run National News Agency reported.
His words came during his tour in the district of Jbeil today, where he had a closer look at the various needs of its villages, especially with regards to proper health care.
The girl says she is from the liberated village of Bint Jbeil which was "freed by the Islamic resistance.
Download Bassil launches new phase of 'Simar Jbeil' Fortress restoration NNA - Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil patronized Sunday the new phase of restoration works on the "Simar Jbeil" Fortress executed by the "Simar Jbeil Festivals Organization," in presence of several social and religious figures, most prominently Bishop of Batroun Mounir Khairallah and other dignitaries from the region.
Summary: The energetic mayor who transformed Lebanon's coastal town of Jbeil into a vibrant tourist attraction announced his resignation Friday, with the hope of running for Parliament to continue his work.
Summary: The bodies of two young men were pulled from the wreckage of a car that plunged into a ditch Sunday outside the port city of Jbeil.