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the 1920s in the United States characterized in the novels of F

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In them he published early stories such as Diamond as Big as the Ritz, The, later collected in Tales of the Jazz Age (1922).
For the most part, the popular dance music associated with the Jazz Age had black roots.
I new exhibition brings Jazz Age painter Romaine Brooks out of the art closet
A major survey of theatrical paintings, sculpture, and prints by Stowitts entitled "Archaism in Jazz Age Asia" will be on exhibition through April 15, 2000 and focuses on performance art with origins in China, Russia, India, and Indonesia.
In addition to its white face, the jazz age had a black one in the so-called "Harlem Renaissance," even though that "renaissance" was going on all over the country as young African American artists and writers found their voices.
Bolig, a long-time collector of early recordings, has compiled a catalogue of Victor records from just before World War I through the beginning of the Jazz Age in the 1920s.
Keira, 23, a big hit in The Duchess with its elaborate 18th century gowns, is tipped to play Jazz Age beauty Zelda Fitzgerald.
Fitzgerald's book, of course, was written at the height of the Jazz Age, and seemed with eerie prescience to predict the sorry end of all that high living.
Rent's Anthony Rapp and Chasing Amy's Dwight Ewell play a gay couple on the rocks in this chipper farce about Johnny Twennies, who lives in modern New York City but talks, dresses, and acts like a character from a Jazz Age melodrama, oblivious to 70 years of social (and technological) change.
In Don't Bring Lulu, Sappington's Jazz Age pastiche, he lets go in inspired thirties kickups.
The fashion pendulum is swinging from the 1920s to the 1980s with influences ranging from the jazz age to punk.
Metzner; jazz age designs by Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel and Jean Patou; '30s names such as Nina Ricci and Elsa Schiaparelli; '40s and '50s fashions by Christian Dior and Yves Saint Laurent; and '60s designs by Valentino, Norman Norell, Emilio Pucci and Geoffrey Beene.
Satire seems a natural for his impish wit and gift for precise movement, and Mood Swing satirizes the manic-depressive quality of modern society, using often hectic Jazz Age clarinet music by Morton Gould.
The magazine's early years are represented by Jazz Age stars such as silent film siren Gloria Swanson, Louis Armstrong and Noel Coward.
Lesy (literary journalism, Hampshire College) describes 17 murder cases from Jazz Age Chicago.