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hydraulic tool inserted into a wrecked vehicle and used to pry the wreckage apart in order to provide access to people trapped inside

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Established in 2001 Municipal Emergency Services has quickly grown to be the largest supplier of Scott Air-Paks, Honeywell, Fire-Dex, Hurst Jaws of Life, Firequip, Matex, 5.11 Tactical, Hex Armor and Dragon Fire Gloves to first responders in North America.
I have a new double A-sided single entitled Lion Mind / Jaws of Life, which will be available digitally from September 18.
It also purchased urban search and rescue equipment like the heavy duty rescue set (the so-called 'Jaws of Life,' a hydraulic apparatus used to pry apart wreckage in order to free people trapped inside).
In addition, Rescue 1122 received medical equipment, including "jaws of life" and first responders' medical kits for use in response to natural disasters and other emergencies.
Two people had to be removed from the wreckage by a Jaws of Life, Incident Cmdr.
The gang used a circular saw, crowbars and 'jaws of life' hydraulic cutters - normally used by fire crews to free trapped car crash victims - in a failed attempt to smash open the cashpoint.
That was after the Hooksett Fire Jaws of Life failed to extract me from the boa constrictor hold it had on my frame.
And, through decades of bad behavior by VA officials and poor Congressional oversight, those employees and the problems they created appear to need the "jaws of life" to extricate.
In line of its namesake, the rescue truck is equipped with jackhammers, chainsaws, Jaws of Life, and a mobile drill.
The Jaws of Life also got favorable reports from both boards; the new equipment will replace an original set purchased in the 1970s.
Emergency workers used a Jaws of Life extraction tool to remove a 37-year-old Springfield man from his car after a suspected drunken- driving crash that occurred on Highway 99 Tuesday night as the driver allegedly was fleeing police, officials said.
Our team organized a group of locals to assist with finding a giant tree trunk to act as a "jaws of life" to pry open the van and rescue the driver.
Equipment required to deal with road accidents include turnout gear (protective clothes like insulated pants, insulated jackets, insulated gloves, steel-toed insulated boots, helmet with a face shield and the SCBA) ; extrication tools (Hydraulic cutters, Hydraulic spreaders or Jaws of Life) ; forceful entry tools (fire ax, halligan tool, insulated fire boots) ; ladders ; ventilation fans etc.
When that failed, they had to use hydraulic jaws of life to crack open the stone wall, freeing the boy who had no serious injuries.