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family of small leafhoppers coextensive with the Cicadellidae and not distinguished from it in some classifications

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A study of the spermatogenesis of 22 species of the Membracidae, Jassidae, Cercopidac and Fulgoridae with special reference to the behavior of the odd chromosome.
Demembrement dequelques genres de Jassidae. Bulletin de la Societe d'Histoire Naturelle de Toulouse 83: 57-59.
They are followed by Jassidae (RA = 26.6%) at site 1, Chrysopidae (RA = 11.5%) at site 2 and Capsidae (RA = 17.0%) in the third.
Indeed, the first observations on vine go back to July, 2002 and seen out renewed in 2003 and 2004[4] in the wine-growing region of the Metidja west, where from the insect propagated quickly in all the country([6]; [7]; First data JacobiascaLybica (Bergevin&Zanon) (Homoptera, Jassidae) on Vine in Algeria; [8]) when he describe the extent of damage, leaves which wind, then turn yellow to the white grapes variety or red to the red grape one, which finish by a total drying of the limb and consequently a decrease in the vigour of the vine which have an impact on the quality of the grape and its by-product.