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German psychiatrist (1883-1969)

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Jaspers first addresses what is likely the most discussed type of guilt, criminal guilt.
"In New York, you can't even get an appointment." Zempel's wanderlust, combined with an industry showcase kerfuffle (it coincided with a nor'easter), propelled Zempel and her classmate Jaspers to seriously consider hitting the road post-graduation.
The juiciest tale Lilla tells is that of Heidegger, Jaspers, and Arendt--a bizarre triangle of misplaced loyalty, romantic delusion, and philosophical penis envy whose closest political cognate would be Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and Monica Lewinsky.
Karl Jaspers (1883-1969) held a peculiar form of modern belief that is a middle state between traditional Christianity and atheism.
"He loves a bit of sun on his back," said Pruhs of Jaspers Boy who, tonight at Wimbledon, bids to seal an unbeaten run to the decider of the richest race in the Greyhound calendar.
Jasper's first two chapters set up his main point: that even as the work of biblical scholars and critics in the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries was threatening to erode the canonicity of the sacred books, the writers and artists of the period were re-inscribing those books within a new, more universal and secularized canon.
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