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Ingredients: 10ml St-Germain Elderflower Liqueur, 5ml mandarin acacia honey syrup, 80ml hot silver tip jasmine tea, two drops of rosemary droplets/tincture, garnish with a sprig of rosemary.
What we refer to as 'jasmine tea' is a type of beverage that usually has green tea at its base, to which jasmine flowers are added for an enriched aroma.
Confusion arises when discussing jasmine tea. This is because jasmine can be made both as a scented tea and as a flavoured tea.
With their natural calming ingredients, Lavender, Rosemary and Jasmine Tea are all recommended to help unwind and control stress levels.
Double B designs signature drinks where it uses tea to complement ingredients, such as strawberry thyme, spiced jasmine tea or pine and mandarin tea.
Jasmine tea is a variation of green tea, with an extra step of jasmine flower scent transfer process, as compared to typical green tea.
Schmidt's Naturals is expanding its Sensitive Skin deodorant line with the addition of three scents: Coconut Pineapple, Jasmine Tea and Lavender Tips.
Caption: Jasmine Tea Smoked Ribs at Chicago's Imperial Lamian are paired with Davis Bynum "Jane's Vineyard" pinot noir.
The six destinations here reflect the global melting pot of the capital, from delicious Mexican tacos and frozen margaritas to dim sum and jasmine tea in Chinatown via pintxos and Txakoli wine, jamon and Spanish reds, meat pies and gin.
Next we tried chicken skewers in satay sauce, followed by my personal favourite of the evening, Jasmine tea smoked wagyu beef ribs, which were divine and melted in the mouth -- they came bite sized too, so there were no inconvenient sticky fingers to deal with.
Order a pot of jasmine tea as you demolish basket after basket of delicious dim sums and end your meal with one of their well-crafted desserts.
* Guest room amenities, such as tea kettles, Jasmine tea, slippers, and a dedicated Mandarin-speaking television channel.
I also found a high quality Jasmine tea. Jasmine tea was apparently invented some eight hundred years ago under the Sung Dynasty.
The Altos Reposado provides a great platform, with base notes that easily extend through the rest of the ingredients; the Jasmine tea pulls from the soft, supple banquets and armchairs that line the bar.