Jaroslav Hasek

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Czech author of novels and short stories (1883-1923)


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General Secretary Antonin Novotn y, a Czech, never bothered to disguise his dislike of Slovaks, while Slovak comrades regarded Novotn y and the other Czech communists as Svejks--a contemptuous reference to the cunning but passive "good soldier" in Jaroslav Hasek's celebrated novel of World War I.
Milan Hnilicka Vaclav Sibera Dad Hnilicka Bohuslav Marsik Mom Hnilickova Lenka Smidova Dominik Hasek Jan Mikusek Jaromir Jagr Ales Briscein Ruzicka Zoltan Korda Svoboda Josef Moravec Reichl Pavel Novak Rucinsky Ivo Michl 6th Player Petr Dolejsi Coach, Jaroslav Hasek Ludek Vele Antonio, Russian Coach Pavel Cervinka Canadian Skater Zdenek Plech Josef Svejk, Canadian Goalkeeper Frantisek Zahradnicek Female Fan, Geisha Libuse Vondrackova President Vaclav Havel Jiri Uherek With: Miroslav Riedel, Tomas Vesely, Petr Hornicek, Zdenka Kerlesova, Zdenek Rigo.
Scholars of English literature, along with some of American law, examine the portrayal of legal themes in literature from such perspectives as retrying The Stranger again, Prague minorities and the Habsburg legal system in Jaroslav Hasek's The Good Soldier Svejk, Edith Wharton's portrayal of lawyers and lawyering in The Touchstone and Summer, Mumia Abu-Jamal's Live from Death Row as post-legal prison writing, and a lawyer and his daughter read Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird.
Unlike Gombrowicz or Jaroslav Hasek, whose juvenile revels allow them access to an anarchic and/or "lower bodily stratum" manner of social critique, Basara and his narrator's heavy use of irony forecloses this access.
Speaking in response to one of several questions from a small group of EU officials and journalists who attended the talk, Mr Spidla referred to a famous Czech novel considered one of the greatest war satires ever written - "The Good Soldier Svejk", by Jaroslav Hasek. "A particular character in this novel could predict things before they happened", Mr Spidla said with a wry grin.
IN 1993, I got the lead part in a really serious play called The Guid Sodjer Schweik, an anti-war play by Scot Carl MacDougall, adapted from the novel The Good Soldier Schweik by Jaroslav Hasek.
In his classic post-World War I novel The Good Soldier Schweik, the Czech writer Jaroslav Hasek makes mention of "The Party for Moderate Progress within the Boundaries of Law," the very sort of political formation the powers-that-be have always dreamed of.
Kurka based his clever libretto on Czech author Jaroslav Hasek's The Good Soldier Schweik, which was written in the years before and after World War I.