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able to communicate in Japanese

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The need for Japanese-speaking scuba instructors prompted him to move to Hawaii.
These features are complemented by the airline's world-renowned hospitality which includes multinational and Japanese-speaking cabin crew and innovative services such as the Flying Nanny.
That's when my patient, Japanese-speaking girlfriend explained what was really going on: The employee simply thought I'd committed an error foreigners often make in Japan.
We have Japanese-speaking officers taking care of the Japanese clients.
Securing a social media outreach coordinator who could handle such a task was complex - Yukata Cowboy is firmly planted in both English and Japanese-speaking cultures, as well as various European languages.
BDO maintains a full-staffed Japanese-speaking desk, which is dedicated to marketing and servicing Japanese companies operating in the country and addressing their retail requirements.
Since 2007, BDO has established a fully staffed Japan Desk, with Japanese-speaking personnel, dedicated to market and service Japanese companies operating in the Philippines, and service the retail needs of Japanese customers.
The property features an English-speaking dinosaur robot and a humanoid Japanese-speaking robot at its reception, as well as a host of other gadget-driven robotics throughout the hotel.
Research has been slow, state media said, owing to the poor quality of the documents and a dearth of Japanese-speaking researchers.
Be sure to check out our feature article on page 8 to learn more about how FSI Yokohama is preparing the next generation of Japanese-speaking American diplomats.
For a group of Japanese tourists, for example, we provided a Japanese-speaking guide and for a group of Arab visitors we brought in a guide fluent in Arabic." A famous tourist site in the Danube Delta is the Letea Forest, Romania's oldest nature reserve which became of great scientific interest as early as 1930.
Japanese-speaking support agents can be accessed by phone at +81-363880347, by email japanese_support@forex-metal.com, or by Skype Japanese.support (Monday to Thursday, 1pm JST to 5pm JST).
For Japanese-speaking Cardmembers, JCB offers JCB Guide smartphone apps for Hawaii, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, San Francisco, and Korea.
Without performing flight attendant duties, the interpreters must be college or above graduates without restrictions based on height, gender, age, and Japanese-speaking ability.
Obtaining this intelligence required, of course, an ability to communicate with the enemy, and in recognition of this the US authorities had wasted no time after the outbreak of war in developing Japanese language programmes to produce Japanese-speaking officers.