Japanese yew

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shrubby hardy evergreen of China and Japan having lustrous dark green foliage

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Horticulturists plan to grow the Japanese yews to a height of about 8 feet.
"The most important is a Japanese yew, gathered from the wild and reputedly 600 years old.
Fig trees, cherries, honey locusts, ornamental pears, Indian hawthorns, Japanese yew pines, palms, European olives, crape-myrtles - almost any species can be found in cities, depending on the local climate.
This is also a time of year when people throw out clippings from the Japanese Yew, a popular ornamental plant.
Podocarpus macrophyllus--Podocarpus, Yew Pine, Japanese Yew
The space includes rose trellises, a gazebo, an open lawn for wedding ceremonies and a surrounding 7-foot privacy hedge of Japanese yew.
In my two-acre backyard, these nighttime invaders ate our Solomon's seal, the last of our apples, and even some of our bird seed and Japanese yews. Some neighbors lost some white spruce and arbor vitaes, as well as other highly fertilized, highly nutritious landscape plantings.
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