Japanese rose

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vigorously growing rose having clusters of numerous small flowers

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The Japanese Rose version has a lovely rose scent and contains shea butter and avocado oils.
Among the roses are the Japanese rose, the white rose of Yorkshire, the red roseof Lancashire, the musk rose, the holy rose of Abyssinia,Damask rose,old blush, theTibet rose, dog rose and sweet briar.
The Japanese rose to the occasion in front of a partisan crowd in Saitama and showed their inventiveness from start to finish.
Purchases of Alaska seafood by the Japanese rose 4 percent to $1.3 billion last year.
Choose from Water Lily, Basil Lemon, Japanese Rose and Bergamot Pear, available at Debenhams and John Lewis in April.
This Japanese rose will give you bright green foliage changing to gold in autumn as well as big, scented flowers of magenta, pink or white - and hips too!
REMINISCENT of Orient settings, Korres Japanese Rose Collection is inspired by roses native to Asia.
Derived from the Japanese rose, it has upright, thorny stems and repeat flowers, producing fragrant magenta or white blooms with a centre of yellow stamens, followed by large, tomato-like hips.
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