Japanese Red Army

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a terrorist group organized in 1970 to overthrow the Japanese government and monarchy and to foment world revolution

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Seven years earlier, a forerunner to the Japanese Red Army hijacked another Japan Airlines flight -- the "Yodogo" -- and demanded to be taken to North Korea.
Rome, Italy, June 1987: The Japanese Red Army again fired on the U.S.
Japan's Supreme Court said Tuesday it has turned down an appeal from a former Japanese Red Army member who was sentenced to life imprisonment by lower courts for his involvement in the 1977 hijacking of a Japan Airlines plane and the 1974 seizure of the French Embassy in The Hague.
Unfortunately, the Israeli security forces could not enjoy their triumph for too long, as only three weeks later the Japanese Red Army, operating with the General Command-Popular Front for the liberation of Palestine opened fire on the same airport killing 26 people.
president must certify that North Korea is no longer engaged in missile or nuclear proliferation, support for terrorist groups such as Hamas, Hezbollah or the Japanese Red Army, or conducting terrorist activities.
Last year a Japanese woman, Megumi Yao, a former member of the Communist terrorist organization known as the Japanese Red Army, admitted working with the North Koreans to ensnare young Japanese women.
The five were finally subdued by the police, but one of them, Kunio Bando, 55, was released from jail by the Japanese government in 1975 in a deal with Japanese Red Army members who had seized the U.S.
Long before there was an Al Qaeda, there was the Japanese Red Army Faction.
The Israeli embassy in Tokyo has complained to a Japanese public school that invited May Shigenobu, daughter of the Japanese Red Army founder Fusako Shigenobu, to give a speech last month to pupils, a news report said.
Gen Powell dropped the Japanese Red Army and Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement (Peru) from the list because he decided that the statutory criteria had not been met.
A splinter group, the Japanese Red Army, broke away two years later and gained international notoriety in the 1970s through a series of terrorist acts abroad.
Yoshima Tanaka, former member of the Japanese Red Army Faction, has pleaded guilty to hijacking a Japan Airlines Boeing 727 aircraft on 31 March 1970.
FOUR members of the terrorist Japanese Red Army were arrested yesterday after being expelled from Lebanon.
4 members of the Japanese Red Army, an ultra-leftist group accused of terrorist attacks in the 1970s, are reportedly on their way back to Japan after Lebanon denied them asylum.
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