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Synonyms for Janus-faced

having or concerned with polarities or contrasts

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marked by deliberate deceptiveness especially by pretending one set of feelings and acting under the influence of another

having two faces--one looking to the future and one to the past


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And each is thus well-suited to address the peculiar Janus-faced quality of our political present and its defining conundrums, which paradoxically gain traction because of the ways they defy epistemic, semantic, and political frames.
The Poet not only searches for his missing wife in the village oppressed by a Janus-faced devil, but the Kwentista laments the tragedies that befall its people.
At the heart of the drama were the Janus-faced cousins who befriended and then betrayed him--Henry Holland, his peacocking servant whose brother, the New England colonialist Robert Warwick, engineered the king's fall; and Lucy Carlisle, the magnetic 'last Boleyn girl' and faithless favorite of Charles's maligned and fearless queen.
Today, as institutions falter and certitudes crumble, the Janus-faced character of technology reveals itself.
Thematic articles cover the integration of new and old minorities: beyond a Janus-faced perspective, and indigenous peoples in Europe and their international protection vis-?-vis the threat of climate change.
a private in such a state of affairs is Janus-faced with the tough prospect of making an attempt to prove they failed to do one thing.
A Janus-faced entity--one African, the other French--Francafrique is the ultimate symbol of a confiscated, perverted sovereignty.
Parts 1 and 2 are devoted primarily to resettlement policy in Australia, and while there is some redundancy when taken as a whole, they also bring home the central argument of Crock's analysis laid out in the introduction about the "Janus-faced" nature of Australian migration policy: that it is among the best in the world for those who come already designated as refugees, while often devastating for asylum seekers subjected to mandatory detention.
Danny Miller (2014) makes a compelling presentation describing the Janus-faced nature of personalities (defined as stable and consistent structures of individuals, characterized by patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors; Kendall & Hammen, 1995) typically associated with entrepreneurs.
Rebillard, and was devoted to the problem of cachexia in cancer patients ("The Janus-Faced Role of Antioxidants in Cancer Cachexia: New Insights on the Established Concepts").
Yyldyrym showed us very clearly the hypocritical, Janus-faced, Envero-Kemalist and adventurist AKP that is ready to use and abuse every single sensitive domestic and international issue for its political and financial benefit.
Such is the generals' Janus-faced approach to terrorism that six years after the Mumbai attacks, Pakistan has yet to try the seven Pakistani perpetrators in its custody.
For Beck risk is now Janus-faced: as it may empower fresh initiatives and sources of legitimation, it can also cripple them through destabilised global markets and externalisation of risk by financial failures.
The "Janus-faced theme" of the book, as he puts it, is the role deportees played "in building empires, and the role of empires in transforming Acadians" (10).