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the Roman Catholic doctrine of Cornelis Jansen and his disciples

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Her novel written to the background of revolutionary war, describing the last months of an Anglo-Irish landed family at their home in Danielstown, The Last September (1929), became for O'Faolain the novel 'to solve all my problems by demonstrating that one actually could be a Turgenev when writing in holy, simple, pietistic, peasant, bogtrotting, jansenistic, lower lower middle-class agricultural Ireland' (p.
At least in spirit if not in fact, most Irish bishops remained Jacobites, either still hoping for a Stuart return or viewing the present political and social situation as an opportunity for "good" Catholics to practice a form of Jansenistic spiritual dualism.
In Clarke's generation the need for intellectual inquiry was still capable of causing anguish to the sensitive individual who had been brought up strictly within the Catholic ethos; it was particularly agonizing for one raised in the Jansenistic Catholicism that prevailed in Ireland in Clarke's childhood and growing years.
Ahem understands this as Therese's overcoming her own heavily Jansenistic upbringing.