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the Roman Catholic doctrine of Cornelis Jansen and his disciples

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Prest carefully distinguishes the Company of the Holy Sacrament from Jansenism, despite their similar rejection of worldliness.
Only at the end of the volume do readers encounter an engagement with Jansenism as a heresy.
Lennon, "Occasionalism, Jansenism and Scepticism; Divine Providence and the Order of Grace", Irish Theological Quarterly, num.
After the episode with Winkler, it becomes difficult to read the tale's secular "background" of corruption and despair without grounding it in the waiting room episode's unresolved enigma of the exclusionary crucifix, the indeterminate efficacy of the relics, and the altogether unsatisfactory Jansenism of Dr.
Jansenism, which gained momentum throughout the seventeenth century, emphasized the fallen nature of man and insisted that only God's grace could rescue man from this state of weakness.
Burson seems to assume that the reader is already familiar with the main, rather rigorist, views of Jansenism.
Some recent work in the history of economic thought traces Smith's idea back to seventeenth-century Jansenism.
With some caution, we might summarize Suchon's philosophical position as a political philosophy mainly indebted to Thomist Aristotelianism and the Bible, a view of religion with some affinity to Jansenism, a feminist reasoning taken from Poulain de la Barre, and finally a passionate affirmation of the freedom and autonomy of the individual even against overwhelming odds.
I did see deep similarities between my friend's character and the attitude of the seventeenth century educated Romans, who--as I had gathered at the Casanatense Library--were all clued in on the Parisian theories and events of Jansenism, but shied away from agreeing with them.
He is also scathing in his treatment of Jansenism and Josephism--and indeed anything which weakened the authority of the Holy See.
The second knotty question in Manzoni studies is his alleged association with Jansenism.
Oversimply put, Jansenism is the Counter-Reformation doctrine espoused by Cornelius Jansen (1585-1638) and his followers, who denied traditional Catholic teaching concerning human freedom in the acceptance and enactment of divine grace.
The data show that of twenty-three missions, ten could be considered as more focused on the spiritual role of the Pope, since they had a direct impact on French religion: these concerned Gallicanism, the request for a cardinalship for a specific clergyman (and concerns about the possible appointment of an undesirable candidate for a cardinalship), the election of a Pope, discussions of bulls, and Jansenism.
The image of God that was founded in Puritanism, Jansenism and Victorian mores also was a contributor.
Israel portrays Jansenism exclusively as an anti-Enlightenment Weltanschauung, but he completely overlooks the other egalitarian face of Jansenism.