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a loyal supporter

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a Turkish soldier

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A lot of Turkish--spahis, janizaries had penetrated and were oppressing the poor Romanians, taking their fortune".
one Janizarye of the least, is sufficient to guard a man against a thousand Mores, or Arabians or Plebean Turkes in respect of his awfull authority ouer them, as also against all other Soldiers or Janizaries in respect of their brotherly agreement, and feare to breake their law by lighting or quarrelling among themselues.
Who neuertheless with his own men of warre, especially the Janizaries, and the helpe of the Christian souldiers brought to his aid from SERUIA, and other places of EUROPE, with great courage maintained the fight.
7) In his 1783 sermon "The United States Elevated to Honor and Glory," Ezra Stiles triumphantly observed that "in this country (out of sight of mitres and the purple, and removed from systems of corruption confirmed for ages and supported by the spiritual janizaries of an ecclesiastical hierarchy, aided and armed by the secular power), religion may be examined with the noble Berean freedom, the freedom of American-born minds.
Gentlemen pensioners next; and after them, A troop of winged Janizaries flew; Then slaves, as presents bearing many a gem; Then twelve physicians fluttering two and two; And next a chaplain in a cassock new; Then Lords in waiting; then (what head not reels For pleasure?
attribution of the heads to The Battle of Alcazar (Henslowe's Diary, 318 n5); Greg does mention the Moor's limbs, the four janizaries 'gowns, and the Moor's coat, but I found no mention of the head (Two Elizabethan Stage Abridgements (Oxford, 1922), 91-92, 118).
Moll and Hide justified their assault arguing that it was "the Commonwealths Money which those great Thieves at Westminster had Fleeced out of the Publique to pay the[i]r Janizaries, who maintained them in their Tyranny and Usurpation: while the Loyal and the Honest Subject was Ruined and Undone by their Taxes, Plunderies, twentieth part, and Sequestrations of their Estates" (65).
This public document saluted Lady Mary Wortley Montagu--her "marvellous Beauty" already lessened by smallpox--who at the age of 29 had accompanied her ambassador husband with a cortege of twenty servants in livery and an escort of five hundred janizaries.