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a loyal supporter

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a Turkish soldier

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From the days of Janissary coffee-houses onwards, this has been a source of tension within the armed forces and with civilian elites.
In chapter 2, Herbert and Barlow study the changing status of bands as a British military' institution in the late-eighteenth to the mid-nineteenth centuries: their organization, instrumentation (including janissary instruments), their role in the life of officers and regiments, and their positive impact on recruitment.
That Mozart's piece--part of a late-eighteenth-century style in arts, architecture, and social life, for which the term Turquerie was coined--appropriated the Ottoman janissary army's band and its intrinsically militaristic elements isn't news.
Cultural programs, janissary band-navy band performances and friendly sportive activities between the military teams will also take place".
Erdemoglu Selim is a loyal and honorable lieutenant in the Turkish Janissary Corps, whose personal passions include a lifelong love of the the finest gourmet teas.
The Mosque today is a mixture of architectural styles, reflecting the frequent enlargements of the Mosque over the last thousand years, and especially in the latter half of the eighteenth century, when Al-Azhar was enlarged by the influential Ottoman janissary officer, Abd al-Rahman Katkhuda.
And later in Act II, in a reference to the candy Turkish Delight, we get Turkish Janissary music.
The paintings are titled 'Dinner given by the Grand Vizier in honour of the Ambassador Kuefstein,' 'Imperial Procession,' 'Janissary,' and 'Sbahi.' Speaking about the restoration process, Dr Yum said a detailed study about all aspects of the painting(s) was undertaken before starting the work.
A Janissary, who was taken from the village as a boy, is sent to force the reluctant inhabitants to convert to Islam.
The two Turk figures in Manwaring's text are reflected in their single counterpart in Othello's lines in a creative transformation that bears the traces of its operation, in the correspondences of the "malignant" Turk to the "traduc[ing]" civilian Turk in Manwaring and the neutral exoticism of the "turbanned" one to the janissary who punishes him.
Mihailovic may or may not have actually been a Janissary, but there is little doubt that he served with them as his memoir suggests (xix).
It seemed to me that the overwhelming concern of the court records I was examining was provisioning, mobilization, and extraordinary taxes, second only to the working out of inheritance cases of deceased Janissary Corps members, but that impression may well have been the result of my gaze at that particular moment.
He tells the story of the Janissary corps, an elite slave caste of warriors and bureaucrats forcibly seized as children from the empire's Christian subjects, raised as Turkish-speaking Muslims, trained to the highest standards, and forced into lifelong celibacy.
Besides the requisite arias and comic duets Mozart also tried to include the piercing timbre of the Ottoman janissary bands, whose earsplitting drums, cymbals and whining reeds had once accompanied the sultans on their expansive sweep across southeastern Europe.
Many artists as well as janissary band, whirling dervishes, and wrestlers will attend the 3-day fair.