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United States film actress and daughter of Henry Fonda (born in 1937)


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"I was so afraid to hit Jane Fonda on the face or hurt her in any way," she revealed in a (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9qdRYP8wWU) video she posted on YouTube.
In fact, he once argued with me that vegetables had souls (it was the '60s)," his sister Jane Fonda said in her 2005 memoir.
Birthdays: Jane Fonda, Samuel L Jackson and Chris Evert
Her mother's shocking death, when Jane was 12, is the defining moment in her life, according to a new two-and-ahalf-hour TV documentary, Jane Fonda In Five Acts.
'Jane Fonda in Five Acts' features interviews with Robert Redford, Lily Tomlin, producer Paula Weinstein (her best friend) and ex-hubbies Tom Hayden and Ted Turner.
I don't know how much longer I'm gonna live" -- it was with award-winning filmmaker Susan Lacy, who made an intriguing choice: using the men in Fonda's life as the organizing principle for "Jane Fonda in Five Acts."
Summary: The actress is also promoting her upcoming HBO documentary, 'Jane Fonda in Five Acts'
[USA], June 21 (ANI): Veteran Hollywood actress Jane Fonda is all set to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award at Michael Moore's Traverse City Film Festival.
LR: Diane Keaton, Candice Bergen, Jane Fonda and Mary Steenburgen ONCE you get past the rather unlikely notion that this women-of-acertain-age book club has only just got round to reading EL James's bestselling Fifty Shades of Grey (it did come out back in 2011 after all, and was everywhere), there are mixed pleasures to be had in this gentle comedy.
The Humsafar starlet will be standing shoulder to shoulder with many of her counterparts from other countries such as Jane Fonda, Julienne Moore, Eva Langoria, Aishwarya Rai, Deepika Padukone and Sonam Kapoor.
Jane Fonda has revealed that her sex life is no longer active.
A GLAMOROUS but unpleasant TV presenter (Jane Fonda) is distraught when she loses her job in Monster-in-Law (5*, today, 1.55pm).
But her latest role is a gure from real life, But her latest role is a gure from real life, actress and activist Jane Fonda, wh odivided actress and activist Jane Fonda, wh odivided opinion in the 60s and 70s speaking out against opinion in the 60s and 70s speaking out against America's involvement in the Vietnam War.
Jane Fonda and Mel Brooks at the AFI Life Achievement Award gala June 5 in Hollywood