Jane Doe

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an unknown or fictitious woman who is a party to legal proceedings

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Giving details of the assault, the lawsuit said Johnson was on top of Jane Doe 1 and was raping her.  Out of the sedation from the drug Johnson mixed in the beer, she was unable to react but sensed that "it was happening."
"Eventually, Jane Doe and the person who sent in the written complaint had to move away from where they lived because the community blamed her since the harasser was a well-known member of the community."
"Terrified and struggling to hold back tears, Jane Doe said she would not and resisted his demands," the filing states.
He, Worden and the Centra Villa property manager then went to the Zone 4 police department and filed a police report against Jane Doe and Jane Roe for identity theft.
Jane Doe claimed in the lawsuit that she was fooled by the sex trafficker who messaged her on Facebook in 2012 because he appeared to know several of her real-life friends.
The money being sought is not part of a new lawsuit, but rather is part of ongoing litigation in the $10-million suit brought against Simmons in March, alleging that the Def Jam founder forced himself on the Jane Doe in his hotel room after a concert in 1988.
The alleged victim, who is suing anonymously as Jane Doe, claims she was raped by one of the singer's friends during a party, and that a woman who was menstruating forced her to perform oral sex on her.
[U.S.A.], May 10 (ANI): A woman, named Jane Doe, has filed a lawsuit against singer Chris Brown and two others after she was allegedly held down and sexually assaulted at his home.
Each participant receives a special race bib detailing the story of a local "Jane Doe" or "John Doe" who has experienced an act of sexual abuse.
The Justice Department is also addressing the specifics of the first undocumented teenager ("Jane Doe") who did abort in late October after a split DC Circuit Court of Appeals agreed with Judge Chutkan.
PENNI MITCHELL: Your book, The Story of Jane Doe, includes a scathing commentary on the justice system, and in particular the Toronto police department.
other unidentified individuals known only as John Doe, Jane Doe and George Doe
"If it can be proven that a Jane Doe is the offspring of a Jewish mother, her own offspring would also be recognized as Jews (from birth)."