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South African statesman and soldier (1870-1950)


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Hierdie belofte op sterkte van die reputasie van Jan Smuts, die "goeie wit man" (70), loop egter op niks uit nie, en die gekleurde soldate, ook 'n verwonde Abraham, kry na die vredesluiting slegs "'n oorlogsjas en 'n baaisiekel" (129).
For instance, it lead to the League of Nations Class C mandate over South West Africa, upon the insistence of General Jan Smuts, in the years immediately following the war.
If placed there, Gandhi -- walking determinedly forward with staff in hand -- would stand forever with Sir Winston Churchill and Jan Smuts.
"Winston was accompanied by Field Marshall Jan Smuts and government minister Nye Bevan and gave a talk to all the crew, wishing us God Speed."
South Africa's General Jan Smuts, who fought the British in the Boer War, leads the campaign against German-led guerrillas in East Africa.
RIPON: 5.55 Cabbies Lou, 6.25 Chanceuse, 7.00 Angus Og, 7.35 Amaze, 8.10 Galvanize, 8.40 Jan Smuts.
RIPON 5.55 Cabbies Lou 6.25 Chanceuse 7.00 Angus Og 7.35 Amaze 8.10 Galvanize 8.40 Jan Smuts.
She was an exceptional portrait painter, whose astute observation of detail and ability to empathise with her subject and convey character brought her many important commissions, including portraits of General Jan Smuts and several of Port Elizabeth's mayors.
A reader for a South African newspaper suggested that another prominent figure from that country, former Prime Minister Jan Smuts, was more deserving of an honor at Westminster Abbey than Mandela.
NAOMI MATTHEW: 2.10 Bounty Girl, 2.45 Tajneed, 3.20 Hawk High, 4.00 Ingleby Angel, 4.35 Jan Smuts, 5.10 Ypres, 5.45 Size.
During their official visit in 1947, the king, queen and their daughters, Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret, were met at the top of the mountain by 77-year-old Prime Minister Jan Smuts, an avid hiker, who had walked to the top.
Answers: 1) Jan Smuts, 2) Crimson, 3) True, 4) Heights, 5) Morris Garages, 6) Marble, 7) 6, 8) Aegean, 9) The Shootist, 10) Cat.
Si estan en la carretera antes de que haya mas de ocho coches en el stop no tendra que decidir si girar o no por la avenida Jan Smuts. Una vez que los ninos esten levantados y vestidos se meteran directamente en el coche.
The parallels between Jan Smuts and Bill Fulbright make for interesting and thought-provoking reading.
(1) Bittereinder Afrikaner generals such as Louis Botha, Jan Smuts, M.T.