Jan Hus

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Czechoslovakian religious reformer who anticipated the Reformation

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Avison Young's Senior Directors Susan Kahaner and Jennifer Ogden represented Jan Hus Presbyterian Church in the purchase of 1745 First Avenue, and collaborated with Avison Young's Tri-State Investment Sales group on the sale of 351 East 74th Street.
Fudge's collection of essays on Jan Hus is neither a biographical nor a conventional historical study.
The Zbraslav Chronicle states that under John of Luxembourg Prague experienced a change in the universal demeanour, including the fashion of dress, as well as an increase in the popularity of singing in the manner of Neidhart von Reuental, with the name of the famed German minnesinger having become synonymous with satire (even Master Jan Hus still used the verb "to neidhart", in the sense of "spoofing").
When we direct our lens of historian to Comenius and see his origin, we find Jan Hus. When our lens tries to keep both, Chelcicky appears.
If students today at least recognize who Jan Hus was, they will profit from Atwood's rescue from oblivion figures as diverse as the conservative Utraquist Jan Rokycana, the pacifist Peter Chelcicky, and Gregory (Rehor).
This monument is dedicated to Jan Hus who was tragically burnt at the stake in 1415 after being declared a heretic by the Catholic Church because he spoke out against their corrupt practices, opulent style and hoarded wealth.
There is the occasional reference to Jan Hus, Lenin, and the Prague golem interspersed through the verses, but mostly the poems seem to concern themselves with children and with God's existence.
In this study of heretics from Bogomil to Jan Hus, he explains the nature of various heretical beliefs through the lives of those who led the movements.
In the religious sphere, the traffic was the other way: scholars traveling between Prague and Oxford spread the reformist ideas of John Wycliffe to Jan Hus. When the full impact of his work hit Czech university life, it had a polarizing effect along ethnic and philosophical fault lines: the Czech-speaking scholars were pro-Wycliffe realists; the German-speaking scholars anti-Wycliffe nominalists.
[Jamie Manson serves as director of social justice ministries at Jan Hus Presbyterian Church in New York.
All that we knew about our order of Olomouc (5.50 leva) was that 14th-century religious thinker and martyr Jan Hus had liked it (if the menu is to be believed), and that it was some type of Czech cheese.
In the 14th century, the Bohemian philosopher Jan Hus brought Christian reformist thinking to the Bohemian lands.
WARC has roots in the 16th-century Reformation led by John Calvin, John Knox and others, as well as in earlier church reform movements such as the Waldensians in the Piedmont valleys, and the followers of Jan Hus in the Czech lands.
THE CATHOLIC CHURCH HAS apologized to Galilee, the Jews, Jan Hus (for burning him at the stake), and Istanbul (for sacking it in the Fourth Crusade, when it was known as Constantinople).