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outstanding United States athlete (1888-1953)

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Spokesman James Thorpe, said: "We lose money but it's still great business for us.
James Thorpe, Managing Director of AAVIN commented: "FENA's accomplishments to date were unique in that we often don't see important milestones already reached until much later in a company's growth.
Dr James Thorpe, of Strathclyde University, said he had examined the elixir and found an alcohol content of 17.
James Thorpe, 24, from Chiswick, London, is aPR consultant for Consolidated Communications, whose perks include duvet days, de-stressing massages and sabbaticals.
Stuart Imeson, head greenkeeper at Dunstanburgh Castle Golf Club, his deputy James Thorpe and their colleague at Northumberland Golf Club Grant Burton were part of the greenkeeping team at the course in Surrey.
Then Kyle Dyson raced clear and the ball was worked to James Thorpe to score the first of his two tries to settle the outcome and make it nine wins out of 11 for Slaithwaite.
St Paul's made it a double victory with James Thorpe, 18, of Blakelaw Road, taking the honours, thanks to friend Jeff Imeson, 46, who lives on the same street, throwing him the ball.
Nuneaton Town Youth (back, from left) Trevor Sweet (assistant manager), Peter Stirley, Robert Hall, Samuel Mullaney, Sam Bircher, Pearce Taylor, Alex Young, Scott Hennell, Tom Keating, Kim Rye (manager); (front) Nathan Haines, Joe Gilks, Sean Carey, Nathan Sweet (captain), James Thorpe, Daniel Rye, Reece Palmer.
Dad James Thorpe said: "It was well below freezing.
JAMES Thorpe, from Middlesbrough, said: "George Boateng made all the difference for us.
Lindsay Hughes, James Thorpe (B'ham City FC), Bryan Hughes (B'ham City FC), Samantha Flynn; Clockwise from top, Fire eater; Rachel Lindsay, Kamile Ahmed and Sam Muir; Darius Vassell, Mandeep Kohl; Jeanetta Freeman, Mandeep Kohli, Julia Suzuki, Harinder Kohli, Brendan Kiely; Coun Mike Whitby, Mohinder Kohli and Gaynor Whitby; Richard Davies, Russell Wall, Elouise Grant; Manoj Bhardwaj, Kamile Ahmed, Robert Lee, Heather Day; David Diggler, Adele Wilkes
Tristan Simkins (3) led the varsity assault with Tim Andrews (2), James Skelland, Chris Pedlow, James Thorpe and Toby Trugeon-Smith sharing out the others but Whitchurch lost ground in a 3-2 tumble at Oswestry.
Alnmouth Argyle defeated Amble Dock Hotel 12-4 with finishes from Jordan Frost (4), James Dickson (3), Chris Chisholm, Kieran Cromertty, James Thorpe, John Barlow and Reece White.
Back, from left: Kim Rye (manager), Nathan Haines, Sam Bircher, Sam Malaney, Tom Keating, Pearce Taylor, Rob Hall, Scott Hennell, Peter Stirley, Trevor Sweet (assistant manager); Front: Reece Palmer, Nathan Sweet, Daniel Rye, Sean Carey, James Thorpe, James Vickery.
Loose forward Ryan Johnson led the way and was well supported by Liam Tindall, Richard Gutteridge, Gary Kendall and James Thorpe.