James McKeen Cattell

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American psychologist and editor (1860-1944)


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This spring, he was given the James McKeen Cattell Award "for a lifetime of outstanding contributions to the area of psychological research whose research addresses a critical problem in society at large" by the American Psychological Society (APS).
His studies of children's suggestibility with Johns Hopkins' psychologist Maggie Bruck are an elegant integration of cognitive, social, and biological processes and have been cited by courts at all levels," reads part of the APS announcement about Ceci receiving the James McKeen Cattell Award.
Early in the last century, concerned psychologists, led by James McKeen Cattell, formed the Psychological Corporation to distribute tests because they feared the possibility of corporate entrepreneurs profiting excessively from the work of scholars and researchers.
Bender traces Seligman's leading role in landmark events such as the founding of the American Economic Association (which occurred the year after the creation of the AHA, not the year before, as Bender mistakenly reports), the founding of the American Association of University Professors (1915), and the resignations of Charles Beard (voluntary) and psychologist James McKeen Cattell (involuntary) from Columbia University during World War I.
Stroop's documentation of this effect followed upon related research conducted 50 years earlier by psychologist James McKeen Cattell, who reported that objects and colors take longer to name aloud than their corresponding words take to read aloud.