James George Frazer

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English social anthropologist noted for studies of primitive religion and magic (1854-1941)

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It's inspired by the book (by Sir James George Frazer), about the link between magic and religion and science, that was the idea behind it, and also it was about thinking you're friends with someone but when it matters you only thought they were there, but they never were."
This paper provides a systematic exposition of what Wittgenstein took to be the fundamental error committed by James George Frazer, author of the classic anthropological work The Golden Bough, in his account of ritual practices.
Neither composer Stuart MacRae nor librettist Simon Armitage found that point of balance in The Assassin Tree, a new 65-minute opera based on an episode in James George Frazer's study of magic and religion, The Golden Bough.
Readers of Samuel Butler and James George Frazer, who edited their own notebooks, will never know what materials were discarded in the process.
Over against the approaches of Sigmund Freud, Sir Edward Burnett Tylor and Sir James George Frazer, they praise William James' The Varieties of Religious Experience for its nonreductionist, empathetic openness to religion.
This is most evident in the book's epigram drawn from Sir James George Frazer's The Magic Art and the Evolution of Kings (1911) which calls for a separation of facts from hypotheses, suggesting that the latter are "temporary bridges built to connect isolated facts." Frazer concludes that while "light bridges should sooner or later break down," his hope is that his book will retain "its utility and its interest as a repertory of facts"; one gathers that the authors of Masks and Masking hope the same of their endeavor.