James Clark Ross

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British explorer of the Arctic and Antarctic

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Dr Maqueda explained: It is easier for me to use a satellite phone from the RSS James Clark Ross to call Nigel and Peter and ask them to control the Wave Glider from thousands of miles away as they have better internet connection.
In 1840 and 1841, there were expeditions led by Dumont d'Urville from France, Charles Wilkes from the United States, and James Clark Ross from Great Britain.
The feat was accomplished by a Scottish explorer, James Clark Ross (1800-1862).
NERC and BAS are long-term users of the Tees White Gill Thruster, the units being installed on RRS Discovery, James Clark Ross, and Charles Darwin.
Contract notice: UK SBS PR16097 RRS Ernest Shackleton &RRS James Clark Ross Provision of Ship Repair and Maintenance Services 2017-2021.
Once in service around 2019, the new ship will replace two existing research vessels, RRS James Clark Ross and the RRS Ernest Shackleton.
The work starts with the arrival of James Clark Ross and his party at the then North Magnetic Pole on 1 July 1831, as part of the expedition of his uncle, John Ross, in Victory.
She will be on the Swan Hunter-built vessel Royal Research Ship James Clark Ross which sails on April 26 from the Falkland Islands.
A whale factory vessel, the Sir James Clark Ross, was completed on Teesside by the Haverton Hillbased Furness Shipbuilding Company in the early 30s.
Contract award: RRS James Clark Ross - Replacement of Aft Science Cranes
Another chance to explore the history of Arctic exploration through a wide range of artefacts, prints and other items, including material from the Rear Admiral Sir James Clark Ross and Sir John Franklin collections.
Swansea environment PhD marine geology student Benny Reinardy will fly to the Falkland Islands with the Royal Air Force, before setting sail for Antarctica on the research ship RRS James Clark Ross, as part of a British Antarctic Survey scientific research exercise.
The other midshipman on Parry's flagship, Fury, was James Clark Ross.
The country is already operating two other polar ships including the Royal Research Ship (RRS) Ernest Shackleton and the RRS James Clark Ross.