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United States film actor known for his portrayals of tough characters (1899-1986)

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Eliot documents in compelling detail how Reagan's transformation from an FDR Democrat to a Goldwater Republican was tightly linked to his experiences within the film industry, always a hotbed of leftists and limousine liberals (such as James Cagney, who funded the pro-communist Abraham Lincoln Brigades in the Spanish Civil War).
What was the nickname of Arthur Jarrett, played by James Cagney, in the classic movie White Heat?
More than 600 dancers, choreographers, and associates joined forces to salute MARY TYLER MOORE and the late JAMES CAGNEY at the Professional Dancers Society's annual Gypsy Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.
This 1940 Buick Century Convertible was bought new by Warner Brothers and used by James Cagney, Bing Crosby and Bob Hope in dozens of movies.
Woulfe began his costume-designing career at 25, when he was tapped to dress Sylvia Sidney in the James Cagney production of "Blood on the Sun.
At the height of the Great Depression, Hollywood offered America a bumper crop of frothy Busby Berkeley musicals, but Tinseltown also produced a raft of gangster films starring James Cagney, Humphrey Bogart, and Edward G.
SOCA is modelled on America's FBI and its G-men - the government agents immortalised in the 1935 James Cagney movie - are based at 46 secret offices.
What a movie Hollywood could have made of their lives with (a young) Ronald Reagan as Matty and James Cagney (at any age) as Muggsy
The play is a behind-the-scenes look at Max Reinhardt's A Midsummer Night's Dream, a 1935 Warner Brothers production that featured Mickey Rooney, James Cagney and Dick Powell among its star-studded cast.
Winnipeg expatriate Chester Kent (Mark McKinney) moved to the United States to become a Broadway producer; but like his inspiration in Ace in the Hole (not to mention his namesake, the James Cagney character in Footlight Parade) he finds himself out of money and out of luck.
Narrator King does her usual narrative romp with voices ranging from Marilyn Monroe to James Cagney as she depicts the many weird characters in the story.
Over the years, The Gramercy cast aside its bias against actors and opened its polished granite and carved, brownstone entrance, porch to such notable film folk as Oscar nominee, Mildred Dunnock, of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Margaret Hamilton, better known as The Wicked Witch of the West in The Wizard of Oz, and movie icon, James Cagney.
The Founding Fathers edged out athletes (top-ranked professional golfer Tiger Woods, home-run king Mark McGuire, Olympian Bruce Jenner), astronauts (John Glenn, Neil Armstrong), and actors (Tom Cruise, Will Smith, James Cagney, John Wayne).
Boris Karloff, the Marx Brothers, Eddie Cantor, James Cagney, Lucille Ball, and Frederic March were only a few of the Screen Actors Guild enthusiasts from among the stars.