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Broadgreen The Jalopeno's very lively Rock n Roll Band with a twist...
The first one is with red chillis, another with jalopenos and thirdly Scotch bonnet or birds eye chillis, whichever we can get hold of.
Bajo la marca Dano, Winn-Dixie, de Jacksonville en Florida, ofrece una pizza estilo mexicano con masa de harina de maiz, salsa de tomate, quesos cheddar y mozzarellla, y con ingredientes como res de taco, pimientos rojos y verdes, pimientos jalopenos, cebolla picada y oregano.
Designer Leon Felipe made sure his models were hot as jalopenos with his latest creation - a black balaclava.
The Zanzibar Club, 43 Seel Street, 0151 707 0633, www.thezanzibarclub.com The Jalopenos Rock 'n' roll band with a twist.