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relating to or characteristic of Jainism


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IN ONE of the biggest heists in the history of Karnataka, unidentified persons made away with 15 gold and diamondstudded idols from a Jain shrine in Moodabidri, near Mangalore, in coastal Karnataka.
They provide us with snapshots of the temples in active use at the time of the texts' compositions, and also give us insight into the ways that Jain mendicant and lay pilgrims responded to and performed rituals in the famous Jain multi-temple pilgrimage sites, for in addition to being a literary genre caitya-paripati is a ritual in which groups of Jains perform darsan (viewing) and vandan (veneration) at a number of temples in sequence.
Friday's record $247 million judgment against InfoSpace founder and former CEO Naveen Jain for "short swing trading" by a U.
Cort's Jains in the World offers an excellent guide to the similarly perplexed, as it focuses on precisely this coexistence.
Gosala's teachings seemed to have so riled Jains and Buddhists that, despite denouncing his variety of fatalism, both traditions in turn adopted categories of the forever doomed to which to dispatch him: Jains consign him to the state of a nigoda, and Buddhists regard him as abhavya.
Western scholarship on the Jains and on Hindi devotional poetry has paid scant attention to the important Digambar school of sant literature that includes such major poets as Raidhu (1383-1453), Banarsidas (1586-ca.
We are also expecting good number of complaints to be filed in states like Gujarat, Rajasthan and Delhi where Jains are present in good numbers," he said.
It clearly indicates that the authorities have done this to 'honour' the 'feelings' of Jains who come in large numbers to worship at the Parasnath hills.
Most Jains are united on the practice, expressing utmost faith in it as one of the main tenets of Jainism.
Earlier on Monday, the Government had decided to accord minority status to Jains.
This treatment of the Jain caves at Ellora by art historians mirrors a broader neglect of the artistic and architectural works of the Jains as being merely the products of an ascetic religious tradition that are "somewhat insignificant in the 'larger picture' of Indian studies" (p.
During this time Jains become more religious, do rigorous fasting, spend time in religious meetings, spirituality.
To many Jains, these satis are as real as the nun-satis with whom I conversed on a daily basis during my fieldwork in India.
Each evening this week Jains from Birmingham and neighbouring areas have been gathering at the Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh hall in Court Road, Sparkhill.