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Synonyms for Jainist

a believer in Jainism

relating to or characteristic of Jainism


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Ahisma, a doctrine of non-violence or non-killing is taken from Hindu, Buddhist and Jainist views.
Afternoons were free or we could join one of the many visits, which included a 20-minute bus ride to the stunning 1,000-year old Jainist Dilwara temple, or a five minute ride to the neighbouring village, where you could order yourself a hand-made suit, delivered the next day and ridiculously cheap.
The declaration, released April 4, was signed by representatives of Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Jainist and Buddhist organizations.
Blending Hindu, Jainist, Buddhist, and Christian thought, Gandhi practiced the concept of ahimsa or nonviolence.
Dialecticheskie idei v filosofii Dznaynizma"/Some Dialectical Ideas in Jainist Philosophy/, Filosoiskie nauki, (1976), 4, 97-105
Granted, one man might have followed in the other's footsteps, but this is not the only parallel between Buddhist and Jainist hagiography When Siddhartha sits beneath the Bodhi Tree, he is protected from Mara's assaults by the hood canopy of the mythical Naga King, a hydralike cobra deity And so was the Jain hero Parsva, the predecessor of Mahavira.
Kelly abandons the Hinayana and Jainist ascetic practices, which seek to obtain the self's extinction, in favor of the Middle Path of Mahayana and, ultimately, its tantric variants.
Of these, approximately: 120,000 are Muslim 45,000 are Sikhs 20,000 are Hindu 5,000 are Buddhist, which also includes multiple secondary affiliations 2,600 are Jews 200 are Jainist 30 are Baha'i And around nine are Zoroastrians, or Parseans.
Several official guesthouses throughout India have become meat free for one year in honor of the founder of the Jainist religion.
The participants are representatives from Shiite and Sunni Muslims, as well as Hindus, Zoroastrians, Buddhists, Christians, and Jainists.