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sect founded in the 6th century BC as a revolt against Hinduism

religion founded in the 6th century BC as a revolt against Hinduism

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Quality and image of the brand of products are the major keystones of the image of hotels or any restaurant (Sefian, Jaini, Sharudin and Abdullah 2013).
(39) My rendering of the name follows the indication in Akanuma (543) (although given as the name of a prince); in the Padipadana-jataka, Jaini (Pannasa-jataka.
And, of course, there's Manav Jaini. The local lad, who is always in the running on his home course, won his maiden professional title the All-India Matchplay last May after a string of near misses at the same venue in foreign tour co-sanctioned events, finishing third at the 2010 Indian Open, fourth at the 2011 SAIL Open and tied second at the inaugural Panasonic Open last year.
"This is very old and a marvellous temple, we really felt great after visiting here," said Jaini, a devotee from Gujarat.
GOLF Collated final round scores & totals in the Asian Tour Panasonic Open, Delhi GC, New Delhi, India (Par 72): 275 Anirban Lahiri (Ind) 65 71 68 71 (Anirban won with a birdie on the 18th play-off hole), Mardan Mamat (Sin) 67 65 69 74, Manav Jaini (Ind) 71 67 67 70; 277 Prom Meesawat (Tha) 74 70 66 67; 278 Jyoti Randhawa (Ind) 73 66 68 71, Ali Sher (Ind) 73 71 69 65; 279 Himmat Rai (Ind) 70 67 70 72, Unho Park (Aus) 77 69 66 67; 280 Tjaart Van Der Walt (Rsa) 72 68 71 69; 281 Ben Fox (USA) 70 66 74 71, Chawalit Plaphol (Tha) 74 66 71 70; 282 Berry Henson (USA) 71 73 68 70, S.S.P.
Baek, meanwhile, shot a two-under 70 to join Griffiths one stroke ahead of India's Manav Jaini (69), Sweden's Rikard Karlberg (69) and American duo Anthony Kang (67) and Ben Fox (69).
Human Resource Management Eghonghon Ani Chloe Catherine Archer Xianyi Chen Jennifer Claridge Yang Du Adnan Nizam Din Haider Jingyu Huang Antonios Iliopoulos Alistair James Jacobs Melina Jaini Joanne Jeynes Hui Jin Sujata Kadam Ronald Nicolas Kriedel Babar Malik Anjum Rafique Wen Qing Yang Ning Zhang
Jaini is of the opinion that the Mahavastu of the Mahasanghikas was the source of the Maitreya cult.
For local versions of this theme, see stories 3,19 and 23 of the locally composed Pannasa-Jataka in Homer and Jaini trans., Apocryphal Birth-Stories.
For textual discussion of the mahavrats, see Dundas 1992: 135-38 and Williams 1963: 55-99; for the pravacan-matrkas, see Jaini 1979: 247-248; and for the avasyaks, see Balbir 1993 and Williams 1963: 184-215.
Jaini, The Jaina Path of Purification (Berkeley, CA; Los Angeles; London: University of California Press, 1979), pp.
However, Jaini Shah is unhappy that it is not such a friendly place, particularly for people with disabilities, as it has only a ramp leading to the first row of seats and no wheelchair access.
Jeev Milkha Singh ( 72), Manav Jaini ( 71) and Rashid Khan ( 70) finished 24th.
Lindsey Finkel 3 0 8, Danielle Marrier 2 0 5, Karolina Dzieminski 0 1 1, Natalie Terranova 0 2 2, Brianna McCabe 0, Sophia Kontoes 1 0 3, Marylee Panient 3 4 10, Jaini Edmonds 7 0 18, Abigail Adams 0, Isabelle Lathrop 1 0 3.