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a name for the God of the Old Testament as transliterated from the Hebrew consonants YHVH

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According to Ricoeur, something is said about Jahveh and about his relations with his people because it is said in the form of a chronicle, of a narration that tells the events about releasing from the past.
In this way, as a matter of fact, the common starting point between Christians and non-Christian religions is not an agreement on the nature of God or the Supreme Reality, Allah, Jahveh, etc., but human experience.
In an analysis of the Hebrew tongue in Hebrew Thought compared with Greek, Thorlief Boman argues that the word and its content were not separated in Hebrew thought: "The Israelites did not distinguish between the spokenness of the word and its content; when Jahveh has spoken, his words stand fast [qum] (Isa.
The atom has been split, its terrific power controlled and shaped into a thunderbolt of a vengeful Jahveh.
What kind of people were those praying to Jahveh and to the Orthodox God, fearing Dewajtis and Perun, Czort and Lucypher, All Souls' Day and the Last Judgment?