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Indonesian terrorist and Islamic militant who commands the Laskar Jihad

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Born in Khamis Mushayt in 1955, Jafar holds a bachelor's degree in political science from Riyadh University, which he was awarded in 1978, after which he earned his diploma in diplomatic studies from the Institute of Diplomatic Studies in Riyadh in 1980.
Jafar double-crosses Aladdin but it is the wily "street rat" who summons the Genie (Smith) with a cheeky rub and uses the first of his three wishes to reinvent himself as a dashing prince - surely a man worthy of Jasmine's fair hand.
A simple 'hi' from them always makes my day," Jafar added.
In these new scenes, Kenzari's Jafar definitely doesn't look evil.
If that's not enough to get you into Team Jafar, Kenzari previously revealed in an interview with Associated Press that he took down all of his social media pages because he doesn't believe in it.
Jafar said that while foremen want to keep track of health concerns such as low blood pressure or fatigue, they "usually don't know until it's too late".
Many decades later, Jafar would write about the end of this traumatic journey in one of his articles: For a few moments, though it seemed longer, there was that breath-taking silence of fulfilment.
However, Essam Al Tamimi, Jafar's lawyer carified that there had been no settlement, and the matter was for the criminal court under UAE law.
Sardar Jafar Leghari and Sardar Tariq Dareshak had left PML-N to join PTI few months ago.
On Wednesday, Reuters quoted two sources involved in the case as having said that Hamid Jafar was expected to drop the case against Naqvi and his colleague.
The peace talks between representatives of Arif Naqvi, the founder and the Abraaj Group, and the Sharjah business leader Hamid Jafar ended without a settlement ahead of a crucial legal hearing in the UAE, reported Arab News .
The opening was also attended by the Endowments Directorate Board members, Jafari Endowments Acting Director Ali Mirza Khamis, Al-Qadam Community Centre Head Hashim Al Sayed Hassan Al Mousawi, Al-Qadam Charity Society Head Mirza Jafar Al Misbah, citizens and officials.
In the 2013 general election, Shahbaz Sharif had contested provincial assembly election from PP-247 of Rajanpur on the offer by Jafar Khan Leghari and Sher Ali Gorchani.
ISLAMABAD:Eminent political figure of Attock and Sardar of Gakhar Clan Sardar Irfan Jafar Khan Gakhar along with Shiraz Hussain Shirazi called on former President Asif Ali Zardari at Zardari House Islamabad on Monday and announced to join Pakistan Peoples Party.
QUETTA: Provincial Election Commissioner, Balochistan, Muhammad Naeem Majeed Jafar has said no compromise would be made on the transparency of general election 2018.Provincial Election Commissioner, Balochistan, Muhammad Naeem Majeed Jafar, while a training organized by UNDP for young officers on Wednesday said all possible measures would be taken to make General election transparent and young officers would be given preference.