Jacopo Robusti

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Italian painter of the Venetian school (1518-1594)


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real name Jacopo Robusti, 1518 - 1594) Venetian painter.
It had workshops, masters and apprentices; a system of nicknames or "tags" (most artists of the Renaissance are known to us by their tags: Barbarelli as Giorgione, or Big George; Tommaso Guidi as Masaccio, or Bad Tommy; Jacopo Robusti as Tintoretto, or Little Dyer; and so forth); a critical vocabulary; an esthetic code; a philosophy of art; and the elements of an art history.
The great Renaissance artists also used light to create pictures within pictures and a fascinating example by Jacopo Robusti, better known as Tintoretto, is held at the Shipley Art Gallery in Gateshead.