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a member of the radical movement that instituted the Reign of Terror during the French Revolution

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Nonetheless, the two Jacobin Directors, Gohier and Moulin, refused to resign.
In her own terms, she delineates the basically Jacobin politics that flowed from it, but she leaves hanging the indictment filed by a long line of conservative critics, most recently and effectively M.
Sulpice; they promenaded in the Tuileries, and as nightly sport, they led attacks on the enemies of the Convention, notably the Jacobin Society.
First as a revolutionary, then as a "reformed" Jacobin, then as a staunch supporter of Napoleon, David made artistic choices went hand- in-hand with his ideological development.
A new assessment of the Lyon revolt against Jacobin Paris in 1793 has been badly overdue and is now supplied in this superb book by W.
This is a comprehensive framework agreement for multi-service services for the congress center of the Jacobin convent, paid by flat-rate prices applying to services or to a whole range of services, regardless of the quantities delivered Or executed, and by unit prices applying to the quantities actually carried out for the services or packages of services to which they relate.
That Grade 1 success was the second leg of a treble for Henderson after Call Me Lord (5-1 Fav) eased home under Daryl Jacobin in the opener.
Barely six years old, Jacobin is the fastest growing socialist publication in the English-speaking world.
In July the leftist website Jacobin published an article decrying the game as a tool of capitalism.
That political half loaf generated two counterreactions: the Jacobin, intent on washing away every last vestige of what it deemed a corrupt past, including monarchy itself, regardless of how much blood it took; and the Ultra, intent in the post-Napoleonic era on turning the clock back before July 14, 1789, in order to restore the wonderful world of the past.
I am not Jacobin as described to the contrary, I oppose the radicalism" announced Rexhepi for the portal "Plusinfo".
A revolutionary and an excellent orator from the revolution's Girondists faction, he opposed the Jacobins and was another victim of the Terror that ended only after Maximilien de Robespierre, a leading Jacobin, was beheaded in 1794.
Over the fireplace of the room in which they assembled, the Anti-Jacobions had a notice declaring, "No Jacobin admitted here".
A moderate who could write sympathetically about Mary Wollstonecraft at one moment while echoing Hannah More at another, Hamilton was not well-served by an earlier critical tendency to classify writers as clearly either Jacobin or anti-Jacobin in their political views.