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British sculptor (born in the United States) noted for busts and large controversial works (1880-1959)

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Pace constructed the Welch Regiment Memorial Chapel, while it was Sir Jacob Epstein who created the cathedral's aluminium statue of Christ in Majesty.
The reader will find comments on Bachofen and Otto Gross, Umberto Boccioni and Jacob Epstein, Else Lasker-Schuler and Franziska zu Reventlow, Lou Andreas-Salome and the German Women's Movement.
Imagine driving into a beautiful Scots glen and finding sculptures by Auguste Rodin, Henry Moore and Jacob Epstein.
Vitalism in modern art, c 1900-1950; Otto Dix, Stanley Spencer, Max Beckmann, and Jacob Epstein.
And although the majority of the Plotlanders were working class, middle class 'Bohemians' and artists such as Jacob Epstein formed part of these communities.
Written by Jacob Epstein and directed by Ernest Dickerson, from Jane Mayer and Jill Abramson's title that was a National Book Award finalist, the film purports to take us behind the scenes of the Republicans' canny campaign to elevate Thomas to the high court.
A good destination if you get a cloudy day is the remarkable valley of Glenkiln, where modern sculptures by world-renowned artists such as Henry Moore and Jacob Epstein are dotted about the hillsides like waymarks along the marked trail.
Hulme in the history of modernism has never been in doubt: between the publication of his first articles in 1909 and his death in battle in 1917, he carved a niche for himself as the inventor of Imagism, as an expositor of Bergson and Worringer, a critic of Bloomsbury aestheticism, a defender of Jacob Epstein, and, in his final phase, as a critic of liberal pacifism.
Artists involved in the movement included the poet Ezra Pound and the sculptor Jacob Epstein.
How weirdly compelling to read again about Jacob Epstein, whose parents run Random House and The New York Review of Books.
Its most famous landmark was the statue of a nude man above its main entrance, designed by Sir Jacob Epstein and unveiled for Lewis's centenary in 1856.
The exhibition, which ranges over more than 100 years of art, has a strong showing by Bomberg and the Whitechapel Boys, including painters Mark Gertler, Jacob Kramer, Bernard Meninsky, Isaac Rosenberg and Clare Winsten, as well as sculptor Jacob Epstein.
The Human Face offers visitors the chance to see works by wellloved artists including, for example, self portraits by Roger Fry, RB Kitaj and Terry Frost; sculptures by Elisabeth Frink, Eduardo Paolozzi, Jacob Epstein and Lyn Chadwick; two versions of Aphrodite Girl by John Bratby, and largescale paintings by Anthony Green.
A memorial chapel to the Welch Regiment was constructed and Sir Jacob Epstein commissioned to create the figure of Christ in Majesty which is suspended above the nave on a concrete arch and is now one of the defining sights of the cathedral.